Hotel Management System

Hotel management project is a web-based c # project that is designed to manage small or medium sized hotels. The idea of creating this c # project is that it may be run by several offices of the the hotel such as the front desk, managerial office, etc. Users can book rooms from their home by using internet.

Main Modules of Hotel management system

Main module of this project are as follows:

01-Customer Module
02-Management module
03-Hotel Registration/Administration Module.

Abstract of hotel management system c # project

Introduction of hotel management system

The aim of this c # project is mainly to keep status of the hotel rooms conditions whether accommodated, available or even requires maintenance or housekeeping. The several other services that are provided through the software are restaurant reservations management. Bill generation is one of the important option as well that is provided by this c # project.

Objective of hotel management system project

The objective of the proposed system are as follows:

  • Enable the users to reserve his /her accommodation in a hotel sitting at home through the internet.
  • Enable the user to look up his/her confirmed reservation status or cancel the reservation if required.
  • Allow the manager of the hotel to change the hotel information from time to time.

Feasibility study of hotel reservation system project

Feasibility study conducted once problem is clearly understood. It is a high level capsule version of the complete system-analysis and design process.The purpose is to determine at the minimum expense and how quickly resolve the problem and to determine that the problem is solved.The following feasibility in the following ways. There are three types of feasibility study : technical feasibility, operational feasibility, economical feasibility.

Technical feasibility:

A technical feasibility study of function ,performance and constraints can effect the ability to achieve an acceptable system. The software developed for managing Hotel Reservation System is used in client server architecture with Asp.Net as front end and Sql Server as back end  so the project is technically feasible.

Operational feasibility:

The main purpose of this program is to develop a Web based application which facilitates on line reservation of hotel accommodation through internet .All the users of this project are trained in this area.Therefore this project is operational feasible.

Economical feasibility:

Economic feasibility analysis includes a broad range of tests that include long term cooperative income strategies,cost of resources needed for development,cost benefit analysis. In existing system they had to maintain many registers/books is a costly affair.This can be reduced by keeping data in the digital format that is reliable and cheaper .Since the development cost for system satisfies the organization therefore the software is economically feasible.


Project NameHotel Management System
Project Code19
Project TypeWebsite,Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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