13 – Online Examination System

Online Examination System is an Asp.net project. It can be used by any institute or college. Admin enters the questions and their answers that he want in the exam. These questions are displayed randomly to the students as a test paper. The answers given by the students are evaluated automatically by the system and their score is calculated and saved. This result can be accessed by the institute to know the number of passes and fail students or to evaluate their performance in the exam.

Also see: ER Diagram for Online Examination System 
Also see: DFD for Online Examination System

Questions are posted by the admin of the site. The site has an administrator, who manages the overall functioning of the system. The system entitled “Online Exams System” is web based software,developed by using Asp.Net technology for its front end and sql server database.

Modules of the Online Examination System

01-User Module
02-Class  Master
03-Subject Master
04-Question Master
05-Examination Master
06-Take Examination
07-Exam history
08-Edit Profile
09-Print Certificate
10-Student Inquiry
11-View Inquiry
12-Manage User

Project abstract

Introduction to Online Examination System

Online Examination System forms the lifeline of the Educational Institutes to the functioning of the Examination. Online Examination System is very important for an Institute to handle the online examinations and their evaluate results. Online Examination System is very useful  for any Institute to test their students continuously for their mutual development and know about their progress. Online examination system is helpful for conducting ( MC) Multiple Choice and fill in the blanks examinations which can be conducted regularly. It can also be used for surprise tests as it can provide immediate results and save precious time of faculties to check student’s copy and prepare mark sheets.

Online Examination is a web based project .It assesses students by taking online objective tests. These tests are customizable.Admin can set time for examination. This project will be useful to educational institutes for conducting test and get quick result by automated checking of answers based on the response given by the student.

Scope of Online Examination System

This project will be very useful for any college or institute where regular evaluation of students’ is required. It can also be very useful for any other who requires quick feedback based on objective type responses.

Features of  Examination System

  • Proposed system can generate several reports when and where required.
  • It saves time as it allows a number of students to give their exam at the same time and displays the results immediately as the test gets over, therefore no need to wait for the result.
  • It will reduce paper work.
  • System  will check responses given by the students automatically and immediately.
  • This Web Application provides facility for conducting online examination world wide.
  • Question paper are automatically generated by the server.
  • Administrator has a privilege to create, modify and delete the exam.
  • User can login  with his specific id and give test and can see the results as well.
  • It will reduce the work of assessing the answers given by the candidates.

Limitations of Online Examination project

This system has been designed to meet almost all about user requirements but it too has some limitations.

  • Supports only Multiple choice and no Theory
  • This system supports multiple choice questions only and these can be used only for the logic test of the students whereas paper based tests can provide an overall result of the users knowledge for that topic.
  • No Image Support
  • This system does not support image or diagrams at present so it is not possible to ask certain questions in certain subjects which needs image or diagram.

Download Online Examination System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameOnline Examination System
Project Code13
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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