50 – Insurance Management System Project

Insurance management system allows admin to manage daily insurance record keeping work. The main purpose of insurance management project is to eliminate difficulties of manual insurance record keeping system. Insurance agency needs to keep track of customer premium payment. This is very easy to manage with the use of this application. This project is implemented in asp.net.

Modules of Insurance management system

Main modules of ‘Insurance management’ system are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. Change password
  3. Edit profile
  4. Branch master
  5. Agent master
  6. Policy master
  7. State master
  8. City master
  9. Customer registration
  10. Customer health history
  11. Premium payment
  12. Inquiry
  13. Branch report
  14. Agent report
  15. Policy report
  16. Customer report
  17. Premium report
  18. Customer inquiry
  19. User report

Abstract of Insurance management system

This is a web project. It uses a centralized database to manage entire data of insurance office. This application allows user to maintain record of branch, agent, policy, customer, health history and premium payment details. Admin can also track which customer has not paid premium. This system uses centralized database so all reports gives updated and latest reports. There is one main user who has control over each and every module of Insurance management system project. All master data like agent, policy, branch etc. is entered by admin. Apart from registering all insured customers’ data and master record this system allows admin to delete unwanted records from the database.

Features of Insurance management system project

  • Storing all agent and policy details.
  • SQL database provide good processing speed.
  • Admin can track every customers premium payment detail.
  • Centralized database for storing entire insurance record.
  • Updated reports in just few clicks.
  • Customer registration and health history details.

Download Insurance Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameInsurance Management System
Project Code50
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(vb), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2500/-
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