DFD for Online Book Store

Data flow diagram (DFD) for online book store is used to create an overview of online book store project without going into much detail. The DFD for online book store provides information about the inputs and outputs of each process and entity of book store such as book, member, author, publisher etc. The whole online book store system is represented and described using input, processing and output in DFD.

In software engineering data flow diagram (DFD) are drawn to represent the system of different levels of abstraction. Levels in DFD are numbered as 0,1, 2 or more. In this article we will know about online book store DFD level 0, level 1 and level 2. You can have these levels as PDF at the end of this article.

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Now we will know about each one by one.

Zero Level Data Flow Diagram (0 Level DFD) of Online Book Store

The zero (0) level DFD of online book store is also known as context diagram of online book store. It represents the overview of whole book store system. It is designed as an abstract view, showing the entire system as a single process with its relationship to the external entities such as admin, customer etc.

DFD for Online Book Store

In the context level diagram you will see the general process done during book shopping.

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First Level Data Flow Diagram (1st LEVEL DFD) of Online Book Store

In first level DFD of online book store the context diagram is decomposed into multiple processes. This level shows more details of processing. Level 1 DFD list all the major sub processes of book store that makes the entire system.  It identifies data store of book store which contains all the record of books, publisher, author, customer, book order etc. which will be used during different process like book selling or searching a book based on subject.

Here is some important process to be carried out:

  1. Online book master
  2. Order processing module
  3. User and security module
  4. Order tracking module
  5. Book report module

In this level main function of the system are highlighted and high-level process of 0 level DFD is breakdown into sub processes.

Second Level Data Flow Diagram (2nd Level DFD) of Online Book Store

Level 2 DFD of online book store goes one step deeper into parts of level 1 DFD. The first level (1st level) DFD of online book store depicts how the system is divided into sub systems and this level tells much deep inside about: book category, book, publisher, author, customer, book stock, payment and invoice.

It can be used to record the necessary details about the system functioning.

Following are some functionality of online book store

  1. Admin can add, edit and delete book category
  2. Admin can add, edit and delete book record
  3. Admin can add, edit and delete author
  4. Admin can add edit and delete publisher
  5. Admin can send book purchase request
  6. Customer can search book by category or name and order
  7. Admin will update book order status

After seeing Level 2 Data Flow Diagram it will be more clear to you about where data input goes and from where output data comes.

Hope this detailed article on online book store DFD will help you in your project work.

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