Audiobook Speed Calculator

This Audiobook playback speed calculator is the perfect tool to calculate the audiobook length for the given playback speed.

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In today’s fast moving world Audiobooks are the convenient way to gain knowledge or get entertained. You can listen your favorite audiobook in your free time. You can optimize your listening experience by calculating the listening time at different playback speed. In this way you can better utilize your time.

What is Audiobook Speed Calculator

Audiobook speed calculator tool help you to calculate listening time. It also calculates time that you will save if you listen your audiobook at different higher speed such as 1.25X, 1.5X, 1.75X etc.

Why you should use Audiobook Playback Speed Calculator

There are basically two main reasons to use audiobook playback speed calculator.  The first reason to use calculator is that it is very simple to use.

The second reason is that you don’t have to do any mathematic calculations. You can just enter audiobook length and playback speed. It will calculate listening time and the time that you will save. For example, if you have a 5-hour journey from San Fransisco to Boston then if you choose a 7.30-hour book and if you listen it at 1.5x speed then you can finish it in 5 hour.

How to use Audiobook Speed Calculator

Using this tool is very simple:

Enter your audiobook total length in hour, minute and second. You can either enter values of use increase/ decrease button.

Choose playback speed (1.25x,1.5x,1.75x etc). Here also you can either enter speed value or use increase/ decrease button.

As you enter length and speed soon after that you will get listening time and time that you will save.

Formula of Audiobook calculator

Formula used in Audiobook speed calculator is very simple and straightforward.

Audiobook Listening time=Audiobook length / Playback speed

Time Saved = Audiobook length – Audiobook Listening time

For example, if you choose a 6-hour Audiobook and listen it at 1.5x speed then the estimated listening time will be

Listening time=6/1.5=4 hour

Time saved =6 – 4=2 hour

Audiobook speed calculator

The following table describes a quick comparison of listening time and saved time of a 6 Hour audiobook in different playback speed calculator.

Playback SpeedListening TimeTime You Save
1x Speed Calculator6 Hours0 Hours
1.25x Speed Calculator4.48 Hours1.12 Hours
1.5x Speed Calculator4 Hours2 Hours
1.75x Speed Calculator3.25 Hours 42 Sec2.34 Hours 17 Sec
2.0x Speed Calculator3 Hours3 Hours
Increasing playback speed helps to optimize your listening experience. What speed do you listen to audiobooks, let us know in the comment.