ER Diagram for Loan Automation System

ER Diagram for Loan Automation System describes objects and their relationship. Entity relationship (ER) diagram is the most common format for data modeling.

An ER model is a detailed, logical representation of data for an organization. The ER model is expressed in terms of entities, relationships and attributes or properties.

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An entity can be an object, person, place, concept or event about which the organization wants to maintain data. Entity is represented by a rectangle. An attribute is a characteristic or property of an entity. It is represented by an oval shape. Relationships are important to hold the various components of an ER model. A relationship is an association between the instance of one or more entity types.

ER Diagram for Loan Automation System details

The following table shows all the details about ER Diagram for loan automation system:

NameLoan Automation System ER Diagram
AbstractIt can be thought of as a blueprint of the entire system. ER diagram defines a logical structure of the database
Tools usedMicrosoft Visio
UserApplication developer
ER Diagram for Loan Automation System details

Importance of Entity Relationship Diagram

During the software development life cycle we have to define system scope and overview of general requirements. ER Diagram is suitable for this phase because this can be translated into a variety of technical architecture for data.

Most organizations use ER modeling for conceptual data modeling. Entity relationship diagrams provide the analyst with a concise notation for examining data within the context of software application.

Entities and Attributes of Loan Automation System

  • Admin: Admin_id, Admin_name, Admin_email
  • Employee: Emp_id, Emp_name, Emp_address, Emp_contact_no
  • Customer: Costomer_id, Costomer_name, Customer_address, Customer_ac_no
  • Branch: Branch_id, Branch_name, Branch_address
  • Department: Depart_id, Depart_name
  • Loan: Loan_type,Loan_amount, Interest_rate
  • Loan System: No_of_branch, Name_of_branch
  • EMI: loan_id, EMI_amt

Overview of Loan Automation System Database Working

Loan automation system helps to automat loan approval and EMI repayment process. This application is commonly used by loan providing organizations for easy record handling. Some of the main features of this application are as follows:

  • Loan automation system works on client server approach
  • This application is specifically for loan providing organizations. This is not a general application
  • Admin manages the entire loan system. He manages all master records
  • Loan system has multiple branches. Each branch has multiple departments
  • Admin appointments employees in different branches
  • These employee register customer who comes for loan in the branch
  • This application also maintain record of loan repayment
  • Each loan has a unique loan account number
  • Whenever customer pays his loan EMI, it is recorded in customer loan account
  • Admin can view all reports such as customer list, loan outstanding report, loan repayment report etc
  • Customer can view all paid EMI details

Download Loan Automation System Synopsis pdf

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ER Diagram for Loan Automation System

This is an ER Diagram for a loan automation system. This diagram is very helpful in understanding the concept of your project.

ER Diagram for Loan Automation System
ER Diagram for Loan Automation System

You can edit this diagram if requirements of your project are different. This diagram is made using Microsoft Visio. There are many free flowchart software available online.

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