DFD for Online Visa Application Processing

DFD for online visa application processing provide a straight forward and effect way for organization to understand, perfect and implement new system. DFD is basically a visual representation of entire process which is easy to understand. DFD of visa application processing gives information about inputs and outputs of each process and entity of visa application processing such as: user, visa application, executive, visa renewal etc.

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Visa application processing is a web-based project that handles processing work of large number of online visa application processing work. DFDs in software engineering has different levels. These are numbered as 0, 1, 2 or more. Here in this article we will explore DFD up to level 2.

Zero Level Data Flow Diagram (0 Level DFD) of Visa Application Processing

The zero (0) Level DFD of visa application processing is also known as context level DFD. This level represents the entire system as a bubble with input and output data indicated by inward and outward arrows. In this level it represents the relationship to the external entities such as admin, executive and visa applicant.

Context Level DFD of Online Visa Application Processing

You will get an abstract view of online visa application processing in this context level DFD.

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First Level Data Flow Diagram (1st Level DFD) of Online Visa Application Processing

In the first level DFD we will decompose context level into multiple processes. This level gives much closer look than context level. In level 1 DFD we list all major sub process of visa processing that makes the entire system. It also depicts the data store which contains all records of visa master, application, applicant, executive and other data of the system.

Level 1 DFD of Online Visa Application Processing

Following is the list of some important process of level 1

  1. Applicant registration
  2. Visa application
  3. Visa renewal
  4. Executive management

In this level we breakdown high level process of 0 level and highlight major function of the system.

Second Level Data Flow Diagram (2nd Level DFD) of Online Visa Application Processing

The second level of DFD dive even deeper by breaking down each process of level 1 into sub process. This level gives a closer look over: how visa application is entered, how the inquiry and visa approval process work, how visa is given on arrival and departure.

Level 2 DFD of Online Visa Application Processing

By seeing second level DFD of online visa application process, one can easily know functioning of the system.

Here are few important functionalities of online visa application processing

  1. User can apply for visa online
  2. These applications are stored in the database and observed by the executives
  3. Executive check visa applications and give approval or disapproval based on term and condition
  4. Applicant can be given visa on arrival or departure based on the regulations
  5. Admin can generate MIS reports for better decision making

So, this was all about online visa application processing DFD. After viewing all three level DFDs now you will have clear idea about how visa application processing system works.

This example of visa processing DFD will increase your understanding about DFD and also help you in your project work.

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