51 – Optical Shop Management Information System Asp.Net Project

Optical shop management information system project contains all features of online shopping site. Users can see all optical products on the website with features and price detail. There is also a preview image of every product on the site. User can select product from product list and add to cart. Payment can be done with credit card option. Customer can shop 24×7 through this portal.

Modules of Optical shop management information system

Main modules of Optical shop management information system are as follows:

  1. User registration
  2. Forget password
  3. User login
  4. Department master
  5. Product master
  6. State master
  7. City master
  8. Employee master
  9. Employee login
  10. Employee salary
  11. Display product listing
  12. Buy product
  13. Add shopping cart
  14. Low stock notification
  15. Product report
  16. Shopping report
  17. Employee report
  18. Salary report
  19. Month wise shopping report
  20. Customer report
  21. My shopping history
  22. Eye check-up details

Abstract of Optical shop management information system project

The current Optical shop system does not provide any facility of generating quick report. Admin cannot know the status of sold product and low stock products. In this new system admin can generate quick reports in just few clicks. There is a stock quantity field in the product master. When stock of any product goes below the reorder level it is visible in low stock notification. Admin can view this notification on his home page.

Checkout: ER Diagram for Optical Shop Management System 

Features of Optical shop management information project

  • This project contains all features of online shopping site.
  • Customers can shop online 24×7.
  • They can search new optical products and buy them.
  • Admin can also see low stock products and add stock.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft visual studio
  • Microsoft SQL server

Software requirement

  • Windows 7 or above version
  • SQL server
  • Visual studio
  • Hardware requirement
  • Pentium 4 or higher version processor
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Hard disk
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor

Download Optical Shop Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameOptical Shop Management System
Project Code51
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(vb), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 3000/-
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