14 – Online Gas Agency Management System

Online Gas Agency Management System provide facility to the customer so that they can make online gas booking easily by using internet. New Customer  can apply for connection online. Online Gas Agency Management System provides facility to user can make a request for new connection. Online Gas Agency Management System also providing facility like customers can make a request for transferring gas connection from one location to another location. In the existing gas agency system consumers are unable to make online gas booking. For gas booking they have to make a call to distributor and book the gas.

Checkout: DFD for Gas Agency Management System

Checkout: ER Diagram for Gas Agency Management System

In this project all Data is located in single system. Online requests are such as gas booking request and connection transfer request.This is very helpful for the client to get the desired information through so much simple steps. The client is mainly more concerned about the validity of the data, that he is entering. There are sufficient checks on every stages like any data entry and new creation so that the user may not enter the invalid data. If at any stages of using Online Gas Agency Management System project if client needs to edit some of the information that he given earlier, there are options for this purpose. But there is restriction that he cannot change the primary data field. It keeps the validity of the data to longer extent.

Modules of the Online Gas Agency Management System

  1. State Master
  2. City Master
  3. Cylinder Master
  4. Email Setup
  5. View Enquiry
  6. Agency Master
  7. Booking Request
  8. Connection Request
  9. Transfer Request
  10. Contact Customer
  11. Agency Report
  12. Connection Report
  13. Customer Report
  14. Feedback
  15. Booking Report
  16. Transfer Report

Project abstract

Introduction & Objectives of Gas Agency Management System

Online Gas Agency Management System is a web-enabled project. It offers user to enter the data through simple and interactive forms. He can view the desired records through variety of options given by him. This is simple and very friendly as per the user is concerned. Therefore we can say that the project is very user friendly which must be one of the primary concerns of any good project.

Features of Online Gas Agency Management System

Online Gas Agency Management System will  providing online as booking facility to the customers. Now customers can book for gas from their home by using internet. Online Gas Agency Management System will also provide online transfer request facility from one location to another. The system keeps the track of Agency Details.The system keep record of all consumers agency wise.

Download Online Gas Agency Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Online Gas Agency Management System
Project Code 14
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 2000/-
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