31 – Online Visa Application Processing System

Online Visa Application Processing System is a web based application developed in Asp.Net  C#. It provides an efficient way to handle and process large number of online visa application. The use of Online Visa Application System reduces work load on the employees and admin of the organization. As Online Visa Application Processing System is a web based project; it also facilitate to the applicant. Any applicant can apply for visa online from any where and any time by logging to the Online Visa Application Processing System portal; no need to come personally to the visa office. Online Visa Application Processing project is a complete solution all requirements as of visa data processing.

This is a client server based model. There are three category of users of this system: Admin, Employee and Visa Applicant.

Modules of Online Visa Application Processing System

  • New Applicant Registration
  • Login Form
  • Visa Appication
  • Visa Status
  • Visa Renual Application
  • Change Password
  • Visa Application Enquiry
  • Visa Application Approval
  • Visa Appliation enquiry and Renual
  • Visa Application Report
  • New Employee Form
  • Delete Employee Record
  • Visa Renual Report
  • Enquiry Report
  • User Feedback Detail
  • All System User Report

The client of Online Visa Application Processing System project can be any organization who is having many clients from abroad. Such type of organization is frequently sending their employees for their clients in abroad. Our project Online Visa Application Processing System is used to process their visa applications. This is a web based project; it can handle all type of visa applications. It can generate all MIS based report required by the admin and employees which are very useful for decision making. As “Online Visa Application Processing System” is a client server based project, therefore admin is be able to create many no of users under him and the users are called as Executive. Admin will describe the utilities accessed by these Executives under him.

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Hardware requirements :

  • Processor : Intel P-I, 250MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM : 512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk : 40GB

Software requirements:

  • Operating System : Windows XP,Windows 7
  • Database : Sql Server
  • Server side technology : ASP.Net with C#
  • Client side scripting : HTML, JavaScript
  • Web-Server : IIS

Advantages of Online Visa Application Processing System

Online Visa Application Processing System simplifies the online visa application handling operation and reduce work load on the executives. Online Visa Application Processing System avoids a lot of manual work; it enforces paperless working. This project reduces errors by avoiding the manual paper work. Online Visa Application System provides an user friendly screen for data feeding. Applicant can easily access the system without any previous experience. Visa Processing System uses SQL Server as its back-end; therefore it provides better data security and reliability. Visa Processing System is flexible for further extension according to the needs.


The Online Visa Application Processing System is a web-based project for maintaining the visa related transactions in a visa providing organization. This project provides customized solutions to meet organization and customer  needs. Online Visa Application Processing System has been hosted successfully on the server and was also tested with different “test cases”. The software is developed using Asp.Net C# as front end and SQL Server as back end in Windows  operating system environment. Visa processing system is user friendly, portable and flexible for any enhancement.

Goals that can be achieved by Visa Processing System

For providing instant access of required report to the admin and executives. Improved productivity and better utilization of available resources. By using Visa Processing System records can be managed in a efficient way. Use of Visa Processing System makes visa processing operations simple and quick. Use of Visa Processing System reduce processing time and getting required information.

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Project Name Online Visa Application Processing System
Project Code 31
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 3000/-
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