DFD for Hostel Management System

DFD for Hostel management system is used to create an overview of hostel room allocation system. It shows internal working of the entire system without going into much detail. The hostel management system is very helpful for both student and hostel admin.

Students can send application for room allocation online and the admin can check status of vacant rooms under various hostel blocks and take appropriate decision on student application. As all the process is online, it saves a lot of time of admin and students. It also reduces workload of hostel office staff.

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The overall hostel management system is represented and described using input, processing and output in data flow diagram. The DFD diagram of hostel management system provides summarized information about the input and output of each process and entity of the entire hostel management system such as student, application, hostel block, room etc.

Following are the hostel management system DFD level 0 1 2. Now we will explain each one. First of all we will explain context level DFD of hostel management system

Context level (0 Level) DFD of Hostel management system

This is called Level 0 DFD for hostel management system. This level shows the bird eye view of the entire hostel management & information system. In simple words we can say the this is an abstract view of the overall hostel system. This level is also called as context diagram of hostel management system. In this level the whole system is represented as a single process interacting with external entities such as student, admin etc.

Context level DFD for Hostel Management System

In this context level data flow diagram, we see some common process done during ticket reservation.

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First level Data Flow Diagram (Level 1 DFD) of Hostel Management System

This is also called 1st level DFD of hostel management system. The first level DFD of hostel focus on much more deeper level details of its internal processing. It includes all the sub processes that make the entire hostel management system. It also identifies data store of room allocation status that contains allocation status of every room of each hostel block.

This information is used by the entire system where it needed. This information is mainly needed while allocating room to any student. Admin can easily see the allocation status in all blocks and take final decision over student application status. Also admin can see all student record currently living in the hostel with a single click.

level 1 DFD for Hostel Management System

The major process to be carried out in the level are:

  1. Student application module
  2. Hostel allocation & management
  3. Billing & payment
  4. Report generation

Level 1 DFD of hostel management system represents a much more detailed view of the entire system as compared to context level DFD. After seeing 1st level DFD you can get a clear picture of the entire system.

Second Level Data Flow Diagram (2nd Level DFD) of Hostel Management System

The level 2 DFD of hostel management system goes into even more deeper than 1st level DFD. The second level DFD of hostel management system depicts how the system is further divided into sub systems. This level provides more insight about hostel blocks, room and fee structure, student application and the most important this how allocation status is updated.

level 2 DFD for Hostel Management System

Here is some functionality of hostel management system

  1. Admin and add record of new hostel block
  2. Admin can edit details of hostel block records
  3. Admin can add new room under hostel block
  4. Admin can also edit room under any hostel block
  5. Student can submit application for room allocation
  6. If hostel room is allotted then students can pay fee online and print receipt
  7. Admin can view entire room allocation status under various hostel blocks
  8. Admin can generate report of all students currently living in the hostel

In the 2nd level DFD you can easily see  that what data input goes in to which module and from where output data coming. The level 2 data flow diagram also gives you detailed view of data that flow into the entire system.

I hope that this detailed explanation about hostel management system DFD will help you in your project preparation. 

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