25 – Post Office Automation System

Post Office Automation System is a web based application developed in Asp.Net(C#) programming language. This project deals with daily office work of post office. It increases the efficiency of the end user. The Post Office Automation System also has automated capability to complete daily post office related jobs, it automatically generates MIS reports, so it reduces the manual work.

Introduction to Post Office Automation System

Today computers are helping us in reducing the burden of work load in government departments like post office etc. The proposed project Post office automation system covers all general working of post office such as parcel booking, registered post, speed post, money order and e-card service etc.

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About Post Office Automation Project

Post Office play a very important role in our life, it works in every walk of our life. Through the automation of Post Office system, the post master or admin can easily generate MIS based reports quickly and information about the customer records. For the efficient development of software the first and the most important thing is that all the requirements about the current working of Post Office should be known in advance and the developer should devote its effort for the completion of system requirement which are required by the customer should be fulfilled. This Project can be used in various Post Offices for daily office work like parcel booking, speed post booking, registered post booking, money order and E-Card booking etc.

Post Office Automation System features

  • This is a web based project. It is developed in C Sharp.
  • Post Office Automation system helps staff in daily office work.
  • Post Office Automation system can be used for Registered post booking, Speed post booking, Parcel booking, Money order etc.
  • After booking a tracking id is given to the customer. Customer can view is booked post status by this tracking no.
  • Admin can see daily report for each type of booking.
  • Keeps all the old record for later reference
  • System must handle user inquiry
  • Have provision for automatic update as per users setting

Advantages of the project Post office automation system

  1. The use of this system will improve the performance of the post office.
  2. ‘Post office automation system’ reduces the tedious jobs like reluctant work, automated report generation,long procedures,  up to date information.
  3. This system will improve the management capability of Post Office admin, since all the information is available at a single click whenever required.
  4. Post office automation system provides quick processing thus it helps in adding transaction and updating master records in quickly.
  5. Post office automation system allows easy generation of all types of reports required by the admin from time to time.
  6. “Post office automation system” generates accurate output.
  7. System users can answer customer queries.
  8. The use of this system reduces paper work.
  9. Post office automaton uses SQL Server as back end therefore it provides better security
  10. This project is economical.
  11. Post office automaton system provides better control.

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Project NamePost Office Automation System
Project Code25
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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