28 – Loan Automation System

Loan Automation System is an asp.net C# project. It provides an accurate and convenient way to handle loan approval & EMI collection task. Loan approval System is very helpful for banking staffs for loan management; it provides a reliable and convenient platform for loan management and EMI collection process. GUI of Loan Processing System is very user friendly. All web forms are understandable and easy to handle by the bank staff. The Loan processing System uses SQL Server for data storage which has robust stability for storing all the huge transaction details in efficient and an error free manner.

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Loan Automation System generates very user friendly and understandable reports for their staff and customer which contains all the information related to next EMI date, remaining amount etc.

Modules of Loan Automation System

Loan Automation system has following modules:

  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • New Customer
  • Loan Entry
  • Loan Register
  • Receive Payment
  • EMI Calculator
  • Loan Statement
  • Change Password
  • Edit Profile
  • Enquiry
  • Loan Type Master
  • Add New User
  • City Master
  • State Master
  • Customer List
  • System
  • User List
  • View Enquiry

Introduction to Loan Automation System

The project “Loan Automation project” is dedicated to the general requirements of the loan approval and loan EMI collection process. Manual handling of large loan records is hard working process and not always accurate. Therefore came an idea to develop a project for handling loan related process. Efforts and energies in developing Loan Automation System project are focused on speeding up the management capabilities, providing quick service to the customers, reducing paper work and providing accurate information.

Objectives of Loan Processing System

  • “Loan Automation System” provides facility to store the information of new customer, different types of loans provided by the bank, interest rates of different types on loan etc.
  • Providing facility to calculate EMI based on loan amount and period of repayment.
  • Keep proper record of all loans given by the bank and there current status, also keep record of loan repayment and late fine.
  • Providing facility to generate different reports, which are helpful for the management in decision making.
  • Managing data security of the confidential data.

Software limitations of Loan Approval System:

The proposed Asp .net C# project Loan Automation System can run on only windows version of the operating system because the MS Visual Studio 2008 requires only Windows versions of operating systems manufactured by Microsoft.

Hardware Limitations of Loan Automation System:

Loan Automation System uses Sql Server as back end. Therefore the hardware required to run SQL Server costs a little bit more as compared to normal desktop PC. However, hardware prices are falling down constantly so organization can easy buy. So the choice of hardware becomes a bit tricky. All report has a fixed criterion for searching the required fields and fixed no of column for output.

Future scope of Loan Automation System

The Project “Loan Automation System” is generalized software and can be easily adopted by any loan processing system with little or almost no change. It is easy to make changes in the project and the changes in software can be easily accommodated. If any addition and deletion of the module is required; it can also be done easily. “Loan Automation System” project has a lot of scope for further enhancement. This project can save time, money and efforts in managing the loan record and make the task easy and faster. The scope of future application is therefore very high. Some of them are as follows:

  1. With minor changes Loan Automation System can be applicable to for any loan processing organization.
  2. Loan Automation System can be used by the bank for keeping record of customer, loan type, loan details, departments, branches city, state etc.
  3. Loan Automation System has a flexibility to generate different types of MIS reports which are very essential for the loan processing system.

Thus depending upon the future requirements this Loan Automation System project can be upgraded accordingly. We hope that this project will serve its purpose for which it has been developed.

Download Loan Automation System

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Project NameLoan Automation System
Project Code28
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 3000/-
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