ER Diagram for Online Shopping System

This article will give you complete knowledge about ER diagram for online shopping system. Online shopping system ER diagram pdf and ppt will be useful for you to showcase your project work. Alternatively, you can also draw it through flowchart software.

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Entity relationship diagram for online shopping system is an ER model of online shopping website entities. It is basically a graphical representation of online shopping database tables and relation between shopping website, customer, order, product, supplier and order tracking. This ER Diagram for online shopping system also describes the data objects and their relationship.

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Overview of Online Shopping System Database Working

Online shopping application is a widely used application in current scenario. Important feature and working of this application are as follows:

  • The online shopping system is client server-based web application.
  • Admin has full control over the each and every section of the website.
  • The shopping site has huge number of products, which are divided under different product category.
  • There are many suppliers who list their products on the shopping portal.
  • Customer can visit shopping site and explore different products and order them online.
  • After customer registration they can login to the shopping site and add product in the cart and place order.
  • After placing the order, they can either pay online or can choose COD option.
  • Customer can track their order by a unique tracking id provided by the shopping site.
  • Customer can view his previous order history. Customer can also pay online via credit/debit card.
  • The entire system is fully secured. Customer can login through their password and shop online.
  • Admin can view all daily use reports such as product report, daily order report and payment report etc.

The is the complete working of online shopping system. Now let’s move on to the online shopping system entities and their attributes.

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Entities and Attributes of Online Shopping System

Here are the entities and attributes:

  • Admin:- admin_id, admin_name
  • Customer:- customer_id, customer_name, customer_address, customer_contact
  • Order:- order_no, order_date, order_amount
  • Tracking Detail:- tracking_no, courier_name
  • Shopping Website:- website_url, website_name, contact_no
  • Product Category: – category_id, category_name
  • Product:- prod_id, prod_name, prod_price, prod_status
  • Supplier:- supplier_id, supplier_name, supplier_address

Database Description for Online Shopping System

  • Indexing has been used in each table for faster query execution.
  • Each table has a primary key.
  • In the database 1:1 and 1:M relationship exists.
  • To avoid data redundancy, we have normalized all entities (such as admin, customer, product etc)
  • All customer record is stored in customer table, all supplier record is stored in supplier table.
  • Similarly order table store all order details, order tracking stores each and every detail related to product delivery process.
  • This tracking information can be seen by the customer to know the current status of his order.

Download Online Shopping System Synopsis pdf

Download Synopsis

ER-Diagram for Online Shopping System

This was complete ER model of online shopping system project. The boxes represent entities and oval shape represents attributes. Diamond shape represents the relationship between two entities.

ER-Diagram for Online shopping system
ER-Diagram for Online Shopping System

This ER diagram for online shopping system is drawn on flowchart software. There are many free online flowchart software tools that you can use.

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