15 – Online Library Management System

“Online library management system” is a web base c # project on Asp.Net. It provides complete information about the library to the administrator. Administrator can add record of new books and get the details of books available in the library. Administrator can issue the books to the students and manage their records and can also know how many books are available and issued stock of books in the library. The Online Library Management System is developed for a issue and receive of books in the library along with the student details.

Checkout: ER Diagram for Library Management System
Checkout: DFD for Online Library Management System

The books received and issued by the library are entered in Books Entry form and any new student is entered in the student entry form. If any student wants to get any desired book the same book is issued to him on the availability basis. This project is base on  Asp.Net technology using C # and sql server database.

Modules of the Library Management System

Main modules of this project are as follows:

01-New User Master
02-View User
03-Change Password
04-State Master
06-Book Master
07-Author Master
09-Member Master
10-Library Card
11-Book Issue
12-Book Receive
13-Member Report
14-Book Registration

Project abstract

Objective of Library Management System

Online Library Management System is an application for helping a librarian in managing a library in a university. Library management  system would provide general set of features to add new book details, edit existing book details, add new member, edit existing member details and manage checks for the systems based on the client’s need. Online Library management system is a typical management Information system ,its Development include the maintenance of front-end and back-end application development aspects.

Existing Online Library Management System

In normal transaction process student demands for book in inquiry window. The availability desired book and gives book availability details to student. If book is available in stock, Librarian note book and student information. If staff demand for book then librarian fill up person and book information and issues book. System Analysis is a study of the various operations performed in a system and their relationships with other system.Here the primary question is- what all problems exist in the current system, What should be done to solve these problems. Analysis begins when a user or manager starts a study for the program using existing system. During analysis stage, data collected on the several files, decision points and transactions handled by the present system. The commonly used technique in the system study are interviews, Data Flow Diagram etc. Common sense, experience and training are required for collecting relevant information needed to develop new system. The success of any system depends largely upon how clearly the problems are defined and properly carried out through the choice of solution. A good analysis model should provide the frame work of the solution. Thus it must be studied thoroughly for collecting data from the system.Features

Proposed system is Online Library Management System that can be used add books, add members, search books, search members,  update information, edit information, issue books and return books in quick time. Our proposed system has the following advantages.

  • A Student Can view different books available in the Library .
  • User friendly interface and fast access to database
  • Less error and  More Storage Capacity
  • Searching facility
  • Add books and their information of the books to the database
  • Look and Feel Environment
  • Quick transaction
  • A librarian can issue a book to the student
  • Can take the book returned from students
  • Access all the accounts of the students.
  • Edit the information of the existing books.
  • View the List of books available in each category
  • Student can put a request for a new book
  • View the history of books issued to him previously
  • Search for a particular book.
  • A librarian Can view the List of books available in each category
  • Check the report of the issued Books.

Download Online Library Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameOnline Library Management System
Project Code15
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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