Best Flowchart Maker Software in 2022 (Free & Paid) for Windows & Mac

Choosing the best flowchart maker software is very important. In this article we will discuss about 8 popular online flowchart maker software. Some of these are paid while the other are free flowchart maker software. These are very easy to use.

The main purpose of flowchart is to communicate how process work or should work without any confusion. The uses of Flowcharts are in numerous industries, such as entertainment, engineering, physical sciences, and computer programming. So choosing the right flowchart maker software is very important.

Online Flowchart Maker Software

Why you should consider Online Flowchart Maker Software?

You should use best flowchart creator software due to following reasons.

  1. It helps to define the work process as it is important for flow chart to show how a process is performed from start to finish, typically in sequential order.
  2. You can add symbols to your process flow diagram in which each symbol represents a person or group responsible for a task, decision, or output. That makes it user friendly.
  3. It evaluates the timing of tasks as how long it is going to take to complete specific process.
  4. The essential purpose of these is to fix any kind of problems in a work flow. This helps to make your work easier by providing templates.
  5. The templates help to make your work easier.
  6. With the help of tools, you can edit, and set everything as grid and auto snapping shapes such that it will be easier to understand.
  7. The exported diagrams with different image formats and vector files can also be printed on large posters.
  8. The user interface is simple and efficient to use.

Here are 8 Best Flowchart Maker Software in 2022 and Platform on which they work

  1. Microsoft Visio (Web, Windows) – Best Windows Flowchart application for diagrams and Office power users. This is the best Microsoft program to create a flowchart.
  2. (Mac, Linux, Web, Windows, ChromeOS) – Best online flowchart diagram creator available for free that works on almost every platform. You can create flowchart without login in it.
  3. Lucidchart (Web)– Lucid is one of the Best online web based restricted platform for Flowchart making that allows collaborations and have Microsoft Visio compatibility.
  4. Gliffy Diagram (Web)– If you are a beginner then this is perfect for you. This is the Best online flowchart and diagramming tool for beginners.
  5. Cacoo (Web)– Cacoo is the Best flow diagram software for making custom charts and graphs.
  6. Omnigraffle (macOS, iOS)– Omnigraffle is the Best native diagramming app for Apple users.
  7. Textografo (Web) – Best text-based flowchart maker. This is the fastest online diagramming tool for quickly turning outlines into flowcharts.
  8. SmartDraw (Web)– SmartDraw has the Best collection of diagramming templates in a web app to make Flowcharts easily.

1. Microsoft Visio (Web, Windows)

Best flowchart maker software for windows user.

The Microsoft Visio is used for making better Diagrams, Flowcharts, engineering diagram, and also floor plans. It can create both simple or complex diagrams and makes diagramming easier. The Microsoft Visio offers a wide variety of built-in shapes and objects to draw with. You can also make your own shapes and import them. It offers dozens of different templates with the appropriate menu and objects.

Visio can be used to create 3D map diagrams also simple maps. It also helps you by providing information from external sources such as Excel sheet or Access database. It comes with lot of built-in shapes and these shapes are organized by category.

Microsoft Visio is available on both subscription and one time purchase option.

Subscription plan starts from $5 per user/month.

You can one time buy standard edition of Visio at $280 and professional at $530.

2. (Mac, Linux, Web, Windows, ChromeOS)

Best free flowchart maker software that works on almost every platform. is a free online flowchart maker without login. It features beautiful templates and mind map and allows Multi-user collaboration in real-time. This software is suitable for process analysts, designers and has drag-n-drop facility. Users can easily import files from Visio, Gliffy, and Lucid chart and export data using this software.

This software supports in management, process mapping, organizational charting etc. This is quick and easy to do designs because of templates and is easy to customize. Storing files can be done either in your computer or you can store it in cloud service. Using you can also edit flowchart even if you are not connected with internet. is available free. Anyone can use it.

3. Lucidchart (Web)

Best online flowchart software for collaboration

Lucidchart is a very popular and best-known online flowchart and diagramming tools available online. Lucidchart is good option for complex network diagrams, system workflow diagrams, process workflows, data flow diagrams, API call flow sequence diagrams, and system component diagrams. It is super easy to get started with simple registration options and very flexible for sharing and collaboration.

You can also multi-edit a document in real time with other people. There is easy lock down access to documents. There is large list of diagram export options. This is best software for introducing concepts in object-oriented analysis and design. Everyone can follow the tools naturally to use the application because of templates and different shapes.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand. It has various options in menu bar where you can edit Flowchart. There are also different shapes available for making Flowchart. It is the individual web-based application that can export to Microsoft Visio. Lucid chart offers diagramming tools for UML diagrams, Flowchart, and Data Flow diagrams.

Lucidchart free trail is also available, you can save 3 documents

Lucidchart Price: starts from $7.95 per user, free version

4. Gliffy Diagram (Web)

Best online flowchart and diagramming tool for beginners
Gliffy Diagram

Gliffy Diagram makes it easy to create flowcharts, diagrams, wireframes, and organizational charts. This is the most used software because it helps with diagrams and has easy to use because of clean user interface. The drag & drop interface enables ideas to take shape very quickly. The built-in grid helps to keep things in well ordered way.

Once diagrams are complete, it’s fairly easy to share via export to JPG or creation of a share link. The export and import of various files is available. Many templates and shapes help to utilize as a quick start.

The price range of Gliffy diagram starts from $6 per month.

5. Cacoo (Web)

Best for quickly making diagrams that include custom charts

Cacoo is software that helps in making charts and diagrams efficiently. It is digital diagram maker that is web based software. It has well built-in template that helps with mind mapping, Venn diagrams, database diagrams wireframes, network diagrams, Flowcharts, org charts which is very useful. Here you can use multi user editing in real time and it also exports image, vector, and other files.

In Cacoo the completed work can be shared through e-mails and other links. It provides multiple options for exporting, integrations, and embedded diagrams. It also support import from visio.

Cacoo is free for 2 month and the cost is $5 per user/month

6. Omnigraffle (macOS, iOS)

This is the Best diagramming app for Apple users

OmniGraffle is powerful and efficient layout web design tool and diagramming application. It is used for wireframes for websites and other applications. The user interface is perfect as expected on Apple devices. It can also be used while you are offline. Using stencils and templates to complete your work in OmniGraffle can be time saving. Creating your own templates is easy and helpful while creating wireframe.

It also displays all stencil objects at once. OmniGraffle results in smaller files for your final deliverables. The AppleScript can sync stencils with drop box. It is easy to change things in OmniGraffle in comparison to other applications, copying canvas saves me time.

OmniGraffle allows you to have layers on a canvas and even share layers across canvas and help you manage wireframe accuracy through stencils.

OmniGraffle is available on subscription and one-time purchase.

Monthly subscription plan starts from $12.49 per user while the Purchase a personal license

Starts from $149.

7. Textografo (Web)

Best fastest online diagramming tool text-based flowchart creator software.

Textografo is basically cloud-based diagram making tool for personal organization, complex flow charts, mind mapping, business organization and project management. It is software that is simple to adopt with and provides new features on regular basis.

The tool allows flexibility of using it as an additional tool in your toolbox without any conflicts with any standard tools. The Textografo helps to combine several actions in one and improve efficiency and effectiveness of my processes. Diagrams can be animated and can easily share it in either PNG or PDF format, and embed diagrams in external websites.

It has unique approach as text-to-diagram and it makes it simple to share the mind maps and diagrams you create. All you have to know is basic syntax, hash tags and specific shapes details. The Diagrams can be created from text using hash tags and keywords in Textografo.

The price range starts from $4 per month.

8. SmartDraw (Web)

Best collection of diagramming templates in a web app to make Flowcharts

SmartDraw is adaptable software for quick and easy drawings, diagrams, and representations. SmartDraw is easy to use and offers tools for creating everything from Flowcharts, software designs to workflow models, and strategic plans. It has simple user interface that makes it easy to use and easy to make changes if necessary.

SmartDraw integrates well with out other software such as Visio, Microsoft Office and it has great data automation which makes it easy to setup for a quick start. Templates available here makes it easy use a certain diagram or chart type. This gives you flexibility to import other workflows and diagrams from other tools along with the ability to export to many different formats.

This software price ranges from $9.95 per month.

So this was complete detail about popular online flowchart maker software in 2022. You can choose any of these tools according to your needs. If you work on windows platform then you should use software that work on windows operation software, while if you use mac OS the you should chose software that works on mac operation system. If you have lower budget than you can choose free online flowchart creator software.

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