17 – Online Tours And Travels Services project

Online Tours And Travels Services is seen as a key industry for economic development and the perceived benefits of online technologies for tourism have led to a strong role within the policy context for encouraging technology uptake. It is expected that implementation of these initiatives as part of a national online tourism policy will advance the goal of achieving a sustainable tourism industry.

Abstract of online tours and travels services

Objective of online tours and travels services

The website can give any kind of Online Tours And Travels Services information to the general people. All other tours and travels site owner can register in this website to provide their information and advertisement. All other accommodation site owners like hotels services, vehicle services, also can register in the website to provide their facilities information and advertisement also. This c # project can fulfill the entire requirement about the Tours and Travels guidance of the general people. In this website all general people can also register and they have also the online booking facilities

Scope of tours and travels services

As we progress further, these concepts will reach heights of popularity. Thus implementation of ‘Online Tours And Travels Services’ concepts and spreading knowledge about these concepts will obviously make the system much popular within a few days or months. Emails facilities are the cheapest mode of communication to distant places. Thus it can be concluded that the system as a whole with such features will certainly have a bright scope of future application.

Feasibility study

Preliminary investigation for Online Tours And Travels Services is performed to check this c # project feasibility whether it will be useful to the organization. The main aim of the feasibility study is to check the Operational, Economical,Technical feasibility for adding new module and debugging old system. All modules of system are feasible.

Technical Feasibility of Online Tours And Travels Services

The technical issues generally raised during the feasibility study stage of the investigation. They includes the following

  • Does the necessary technology exist ?
  • Does the proposed equipments have the technical capacity to handle the data required to use the new system?
  • will the proposed system provide quick response to inquiries?
  • Can the system be upgraded if developed?
  • Are there technical guarantees of ease of access, accuracy, reliability and data security?

The currently developed c # project Online Tours And Travels Services is technically feasible. It provides an easy access to the users. The purpose of database is to create, establish and maintain a workflow among all entities in order to facilitate all users in their various roles.

Operational Feasibility of Online Tours And Travels Services

Proposed c # project Online Tours And Travels Services is useful only if it can be turned out into information system. That can meet the Tours and Travels requirements. Operational feasibility of the project is an important part of the project implementation.

Economic Feasibility of Online Tours And Travels Services

In this feasibility, the cost in creating the c # project ‘Online Tours And Travels Services’ is evaluated against the benefits from the new systems. Financial benefits must equal or exceed the costs. The system is economically feasible. It does not require any addition hardware or software.

Download Online Tours & Travel Services Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Online Tours & Travel Services
Project Code 17
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.net,Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 2000/-
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