Data Flow Diagram for Loan Management System

In this article we will know about Data Flow Diagram for Loan Management System. In software engineering DFD is drawn to represent the system of different levels of abstraction. The DFD for Loan Management System depicts an overview of loan processing system. In this the entire system is represented using input, processing and output.

This loan management system data flow diagram tells about input and output of each process and entity related to loan processing such as loan master, loan processing, loan status and EMI calculator. Levels in DFD are numbered as 0,1,2 or even more. In this article we will discuss about loan management system DFD up to level2. You can easily generate PDF of loan management DFD.

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Now we will know about each level one by one.

Zero Level Data Flow Diagram (0 Level DFD) of loan management system

This is also called as context level DFD for loan management system. It represents the entire system as a single bubble with input and output data by arrows. These arrows represents its relationship with external entities such as admin and customer.

Context Level DFD for Loan management system

In this 0-level loan processing DFD you will see common process done during loan approval and re payment process.

Download Loan Management System Synopsis pdf

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First Level Data Flow Diagram (1st LEVEL DFD) of Loan Management System

The 1st level DFD of loan management system is obtained by decomposing the context diagram into multiple sub processes. In this level we highlight main process of the system. It also tells about data store of loan processing that contains record of master, loan application, repayment and customer record.

Level 1 DFD Loan management system

Here are few important processes of this level

  1. User management module
  2. Loan master module
  3. Loan processing module
  4. Loan status & query
  5. EMI calculator

Above listed process will be sub divided in the next level DFD.

Second Level Data Flow Diagram (2nd Level DFD) of Loan Management System

As mentioned above the 2nd level DFD goes one level deeper from level 1. This level describes much inside about: loan type, branch master, city & state master, customer registration, loan approval, repayment and inquiry. You can get to know necessary details about system working by viewing this 2nd level DFD.

Level 2 DFD Loan management system

Some important functioning of loan management system are:

  1. Admin can add new loan type or he can edit terms and condition of existing loan.
  2. Admin can add or edit branch master data
  3. Admin can add or edit city master data
  4. Admin can add or edit state master data
  5. Admin can add new customer record or can update any existing record
  6. Customer can make query regarding new loan or about status of their existing loan
  7. Customer can use EMI calculator to calculate their loan EMI
  8. Customer can apply for loan
2nd Level DFD Loan management system

After viewing 2nd level DFD now you know from where input data is coming and where the output data is going.

This detailed article on loan management system DFD will help you in your academic project work. This diagram is designed by using flowchart software.

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