23 – Online Shopping Project Asp.Net C# Source Code

Online Shopping Project allows customer to buy products online from a seller’s website in real-time system using Internet. Online Shopping System can handle general working of any Online Shopping store and it also maintain the back office process whenever we buy products online.

Introduction to online shopping project

  1. In this project if user forgets his password, he can recover it with forget password option.
  2. This project is menu driven. Online Shopping System also maintain details of customer, products, supplier, company, product category etc.
  3. Online Shopping Project also manage some information of customers and back office book order processing, such as customer record, order processing detail.

Features of Online Shopping Project:

  • In ‘Online Shopping System’ customer can search desired product and buy it online.
  • In Online Store Project customer can also make payment of their invoice bill online .
  • In Online Shopping Project we have also given email notification feature. Customer will get notification on his email id .
  • If customer lost his password he can recover it through forgot password option.
  • Online Shopping Project also maintain status of user’s order status. Customers can view their order status.

Online Shopping is two modules according to user role

  • Administrator part
  • Customer/User part

Administrator part :

  1. City Master
  2. State Master
  3. Category Master
  4. Company Master
  5. Supplier Master
  6. Product Master
  7. View Inquiry
  8. Customer List
  9. Update Order Status

Customer/user part :

  1. My Orders
  2. Track My Order
  3. Edit Profile
  4. Inquiry Form
  5. Change Password

Project abstract

Introduction to Online Shopping Project

Online shopping Project is a general purpose web based application written in Asp.Net C# programming language. This project provides all general working of any online shopping store. As this is a web based application so customers can buy products online by using internet. They need not to visit to market for purchasing products. Shopping Project keeps record of products, suppliers, company, category, customers orders etc. Online shopping System provides all benefits of a window based application. This system provides strong security feature. Each user has different user id and password and they can purchase product by logging into the system. No authorized person can access data of this system. SQL Server has been used as back end for online shopping project which provides very strong security.

Objective of Online Shopping System Project

  • By using this system users can buy products at any time and from anywhere.
  • Online Shopping Project reduces work load of the store.
  • All users can use the system to see available products, their price and buy them online.
  • Administrator can add new records, update product price and manage all system.
  • This system keeps records of all products. Storing the feedback given by the customer.
  • The central concept of the application should allow users to buy products virtually using internet.

Download Online Shopping System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameOnline Shopping System
Project Code23
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 3000/-
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