248 – Online Food Ordering System Project Asp

Online food ordering system project is aimed to develop an online application for food industry. It allows restaurants to manage online menu items. Customers will have to select whether they want food item to be delivered at their home of it will be picked by the customer from counter. This online fast food ordering system enables customers to register online and place order.

Modules of online food ordering system project

Main modules of ‘online food ordering system project’

  1. New user
  2. User login
  3. Category master
  4. Company master
  5. Food item master
  6. Food description
  7. Display food items
  8. Add to cart
  9. Payment & billing
  10. My orders
  11. Track order
  12. Kitchen staff master
  13. Delivery staff master
  14. Enquiry
  15. Employee master
  16. User management

Abstract of online food ordering system project

This is an online application for food ordering from home. Customer can go to restaurant website and select food item from E menu card. After selecting food item customer add it into cart then proceed towards order confirmation. Advantage of this application is customer don’t have to face rush in the restaurant and wait for their turn on the counter. In this application admin has full right to add new food item or update old menu list.

Scope of online food ordering system project

  • It has built in database which stores all the menu, customer and order record.
  • After placing the order customer can check the status of their food online via tracking code.
  • In this application all the employees are appointed under any department like kitchen staff, delivery staff or counter staff.
  • Every type of user has its own user id and password.

Download Online Food Ordering System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Online Food Ordering System
Project Code 248
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 3000/-
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