Data Flow Diagram for Hospital Management System

Data flow diagram Hospital Management System is used to create an overview of Hospital management without going in too much detail.  The overall Hospital Management System is represented and described using input, processing and output in DFD. The DFD diagram for Hospital Management System provides information about the inputs and outputs of each process and entity of hospital such as patient, staff, doctor, room and medical treatment.

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Following are hospital management system DFD level 0 1 2. You can have these levels as pdf at the end of this discussion. Let us explain each one by one.

Context Level (0 Level) DFD of Hospital Management System

The Zero Level DFD for hospital management system depicts the overview of whole hospital management system. It is supposed to be an abstract view of overall system. This is also called as context diagram for hospital management system in which entire system is represented as single process with its relationship with external entities such as admin, staff, doctor etc.

Context Level DFD of Hospital Management System

In this data flow diagram, you will see the general process done during healthcare management.

First Level Data Flow Diagram (Level 1 DFD) of Hospital Management System

The first level DFD (1st Level) of Hospital management system shows more details of processing. Level 1 DFD list all the major sub processes that makes the entire system. It also identifies data store of hospital master data that contains all records of patient, doctor, staff, room, treatment etc. that will be used to during different other process like patient registration and patient discharge.

Level 1 DFD of Hospital Management System

The important process to be carried out are:

  1. User & login
  2. Hospital master
  3. Patient registration
  4. Doctor module
  5. Add patient service
  6. Discharge billing

The level 1 DFD for hospital management system provides a broad overview but go into greater depth than context level diagram.

Second Level Data Flow Diagram (2nd Level DFD) of Hospital Management System

Level 2 DFD for hospital management system delves even deeper into the concept of Level 1 DFD.

Level 2 DFD of Hospital Management System

The first level (1st level) DFD of hospital management system represents how the system is divided into sub systems and the second level provides more details about: patient registration, medical treatment, patient service record and billing process.

Following are some functionality of hospital management system

  1. Admin can add, edit and delete hospital master records such as ward, room, medicine etc.
  2. Admin can add, edit and delete doctor record
  3. Admin can add, edit and delete staff record
  4. Admin can add, edit and delete various treatment details
  5. Patient details can be added, edit and delete
  6. Room allocation can be done
  7. Prepare discharge bill

After viewing this level now you will be more clear about where data input goes and from where output data comes. This Level 2 Data Flow Diagram shows you a detailed process of hospital management system and also give you a clear view about data that flows into the system.

May this detailed article one hospital management system DFD will help you in your project preparation.

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