ER-Diagram for Hospital Management System Project

ER (Entity Relationship) diagram for hospital management system is an ER model for online hospital management system project entities. It is very easy to draw ER diagram for hospital management system through Flowchart software. Hospital management ER diagram is a graphical representation of database tables and relation between hospital, patient, admin, doctor and other entities.

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Some of the main entity of this ER diagram for hospital management system are hospital, hospital admin, doctor, staff, indoor patient and outdoor patient. The ER diagram of hospital management system depicts the data objects and their relationship.

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The hospital management system database working is based on following assumptions

  • The user of this system is hospital admin, doctor, cashier, hospital staff etc.
  • Each user of the system has different user id and password. They can access some part of the entire system based on their role.
  • Admin can appoint new doctor and hospital staff.
  • Hospital staff will register new indoor patient and out door patient in the hospital.
  • The doctor will visit out patient and give them medical prescription.
  • Hospital staff will register indoor patient allocate room and inform specialist doctor.
  • Staff will also serve patient in the guidance of doctor attended him. They will provide all medical treatment to them. These service details will be store in database for bill preparation.
  • After complete recovery of patient discharge bill will be made by the staff and send to the cashier.
  • The cashier will generate discharge bill. Patient will have to pay the bill.

This is the entire working of our hospital management system. We have prepared following ER diagram on these assumptions.

Hospital management system entities and their attributes

Each entity has respective attributes which are:

  • Admin:- username, userid
  • Doctor:- doctored, doctorname, specialization
  • Staff:- staffed, firstname, lastname, designation
  • In-Patient:- admissionid, admissiondate, patientname, gender
  • Room:- roomid. Roomno, roomcharge
  • In-PatientMedical:- admissionid, medicineid, mediciname
  • In-PatientBill:- admissionid, paymentid, totalamt
  • In-PatientService:- admissionid, serviced, servicename
  • Cashier:- staffed, firstname, lastname, designation
  • Out-Patient:- patientid, patientname, doctorname
  • Out-PatientMedicalinfo:- patientid, outpatientmedid, medicinename
  • Out-PatientBill:- patientid, paymentid, totalamt

Database description of hospital management system

  • 1:M and 1:1 relationship exists in the database.
  • For faster query execution, we have implemented indexing on each table.
  • Each entity contains a primary and primary key.
  • To reduce data redundancy, we have normalized all entities (such as admin, doctor, staff, in-patient, out-patient, room).
  • Doctor table store all doctor’s data.
  • In-patient table store all indoor patient data. Similarly, out-patient table store all out door patient data.
  • In-patient medical and in-patient service table store patient medical treatment and service details. These details are useful while making patient discharge bill.
  • Prescription given by doctor to the out-patient is stored in out-patient-medical-info table to maintain patient treatment history.

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ER-Diagram for Hospital Management System

The is complete ER model of hospital management system project. The relationship between various entities are represented by diamond shape. The boxes represent entities and oval shape represents attributes.

This diagram is drawn in flowchart software. There are so many free and paid diagram designing software. Choose the best flowchart software tool and you can easily draw ER diagram for hospital management system.

ER-Diagram for Hospital Management System

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