ER Diagram of Online Examination System (2024)

In this article we will discuss on ER diagram of online examination system. This will help you to showcase working of your online examination project work. You can easily redraw this diagram with extended project requirements through flowchart software.

ER diagram of online examination is basically an ER model of online examination website entities. This ER diagram is a graphical representation of online examination database tables an relationship between online examination website, admin, student, examination, result, subject and questions.

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ER diagram of online examination system is also describes the data object and their relationship.

Overview of Online Examination System Database Working

Online examination is the most used application nowadays. Main and important feature of this application are as follows:

  • Online examination system works in client server approach
  • There is one main admin who manage the entire online examination website
  • Admin add and maintain all master records in the examination website such as subject and related question with correct answer
  • Admin creates exam paper of different subjects and load them on the portal
  • Student register on online examination website and chose subject
  • Based on subject, question paper is selected and given to the student
  • Student take part in the online examination according to their subject
  • The system record answers given by them and evaluate
  • The final result after evolution is uploaded on the portal
  • Student can view their result on the portal
  • Admin can view all reports related to the students and online examination
  • Admin can see list of students with their marks obtained in the examination
  • The entire system is fully secured. Only authorised person can gain access to the system by giving correct user id and password
  • It was detailed working of online examination system

Now letnus know what are the online examination system entities and their attributes.

Entities and Attributes of Online Examination System

Following are the entities and their attributes:

  • Admin: admin_id, admin_name, admin_role
  • Student: student_id, student_name, student_address, student_contact, student_qualification
  • Online examination website: website_url, website_name, website_contact
  • Examination: exam_id, exam_name, exam_subject, no_of_question
  • Result: certificate_no, subject_name, grade_obtained
  • Subject: subject_code, subject_name
  • Question: question_id, question, correct_ans

Database Description for Online Examination System

  • Every database table has a primary key.
  • We have normalised all tables to avoide data redundançy (such as student, examination, subject, question etc)
  • To get faster search result, indexing has been used in all tables
  • 1:1 and 1:M relationship exists in he database
  • All student records are store in student table, all examination record are stored in examination table, student result are stored in result table and all questions and answers are stored in question table
  • Similarly all subject detail is stored in subject table and admin information is stored in Admin table
  • Student result can be viewed by student on the portal

Download Online Examination System Synopsis pdf

Download Synopsis

ER Diagram for Online Examination System

Following is the ER model of online examination system. The box and oval shape represents entities and their attributes respectively. Relationship between two entities is represented by diamond shape.

ER Diagram for Online Examination System
ER Diagram for Online Examination System

You can simply edit this template according to your project requirements. There are many online free flowchart software available online.

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