39 – Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is developed using Asp.Net(C#). This project provides benefits of streamlined operations, superior patient care, improved profitability, enhanced administration and control. Hospital Information System is powerful, flexible, easy to handle and developed to provide benefits to the hospitals. Hospital management system is backed by reliable database for increased security. This project is very useful for hospitals.

Modules of Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System project has 4 types of Login roles in this project

Admin, Out Patient Staff, In Patient Staff, Cashier

Admin Login :

  • Home
  • View Profile
  • Change Password
  • Employee Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Medicine Management
  • Hospital Service Management
  • Department Management
  • Ward Management
  • Room Management
  • View Feedback
  • Reports:
  • Department Report
  • Doctor Report
  • Service Report
  • Ward Report
  • Room Report
  • Medicine Report

Out Patient Staff Login :

  • Home
  • Change Password
  • Out Door Patient Management
  • Add Medical Treatment

In Patient Staff Login :

  • Home
  • Change Password
  • Patient Admission
  • Add Medical Treatment
  • Add Service Treatment
  • Overall Patient Bill
  • Discharge Patient

Cashier Login :

  • Home
  • Change Password
  • In Patient Payment
  • Out Patient Payment

Introduction to the Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is based on the object oriented and networking techniques. All modules and features are developed according to the general hospital needs. Hospital Management System project is a generalized software and it is widely accepted by hospitals. Entire application is web based and built with latest technology. This project is highly customizable and it can be modified as per requirements of the client.

Silent features of the Hospital Management System are as follows

  • ‘Hospital Management System’ project can complete the work of many peoples in less time with 100% accuracy thus it saves time and requires less manpower.
  • “Hospital Management System” maintain records of every doctor and patient. With this project it is very easy to see old records in just a single click.
  • Hospital Management System reduces the redundancy of records. This asp.net project reduces the work load of the hospital by helping in easy updation of the patient service records with necessary details together with financial transactions management.
  • Only authorized person can log on the system and access or update records. Only authorized person can handle the reservation.

Future scope of Hospital Management System

  • Hospital Management System is a flexible and easy to use project and it is developed to deliver benefits to all hospitals.
  • This software is backed by SQL Server. ‘Hospital Management System’ is an integrated end to end hospital Management System that provide relevant and updated information across the hospital admin and staff for decision making, better patient care, utilization of resources and critical financial accounting.
  • Hospital Management System is designed with general hospital requirements. It is a very flexible software and can be adopted by any of the hospital with little or no changes. Any change in the project can be easily managed. Thus Hospital Management System has a high future scope.

Download Hospital Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Hospital Management System
Project Code 39
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 3000/-
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