This is free online running record calculator. This is an educational tool that can be used to calculate students running record instantly

Running Record Calculator

Running Record Calculator

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What is Running Record Calculator?

A running record is an assessment method of accessing a student's reading level. It provides an insight into a student's reading as it is happening.

What information does a running record calculator provides?

A running record calculator provides following scores:

  • Error Ratio
  • Self Correction Rate
  • Accuracy
  • Reading Level

How to calculate error rate for running records?

Count total number or words and divide this by the number of recorded errors

How to calculate self correction rate on running record?

Add the number of errors with the number of self corrections and divide this number by number of self corrections.

What are the levels of text or reading difficulty?

According to the errors and self-correction there are three levels of text or reading difficulty. There levels are categorized based on accuracy percentage.

Accuracy Percentage (%)Reading / Text Difficulty Level
95% - 100% Easy/Independent Level
Below 90%Hard/Difficult Level

How to use this running calculator?

There are three inputs needed to generate running record of a student:

  • Total words read
  • Number of errors
  • Number of self-corrections

Enter observed value in these text boxes and press calculate button to generate running record score.

Running Record calculator