30 – Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program is a new concept of online learning process. In this process a learner can gain his knowledge by using technology from his own place. Digital Literacy Program is very useful for teaching those student who are already doing job and can not give their full time for study and also for physically challenged students. The IT initiatives have encouraged us to develop a systems to facilitate distance learning educational institutes for their day to day operations. Today Digital Literacy Program is lifeline of the distance learning educational institutes for teaching students.

Digital Literacy Program is also very useful for an educational Institute to check it’s student progress continuously for their learning and mutual development. This system is also helpful for conducting (M.C.Q.) Multiple Choice Question Examinations which can be conducted after learning is completed by the student and preparing certificates for the successful students.

Checkout: DFD for E-Learning Management System

The Digital Literacy Program includes You-Tube videos of various programs and modules for digital learning. This system allows system admin to conduct examinations quickly and can thus helps in saving time and all operations will be completed efficiently. With the effective use of Digital Literacy Program any distance learning Institute can conduct exam and prepare results in less time.

Modules of Digital Literacy Program

  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • New Student Registration
  • Video Tutorial
  • Take Exam
  • Edit Profile
  • Print Certificate
  • Enquiry
  • Program Master
  • Module Master
  • Tutorial Master
  • Question Master
  • View Question Master
  • Exam Master
  • Manage User
  • View Enquiry
  • Email Setup
  • Student Log Report

Objectives of Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program is designed for providing an effective learning program for distance learners and checking their progress from time to time by conducting logic tests on a regular basis.The objective of Digital Literacy Program is to educate through online videos and take online test in an efficient manner and no time wasting for checking the paper. Digital Literacy Program provide facility to the admin to add program related You-Tube videos in the system. When any student log in to his account; he can see list of all the available You-Tube tutorial videos according to his selected program in which he has taken admission. Student can play these videos and gain knowledge. After watching each video student has to answer some feedback questions which are related to the video that he just saw.

The main objective of Digital Literacy Program is to efficiently teach a student through a fully automated system that not only saves lot of time but also gives quick and accurate results. For Students can learn by watching video tutorial according to their convenience and time and there is no need of using extra thing like paper, pen etc.

Some of the main objectives of this project are as follows

  1. This can be used in distance learning educational institutions as well as in corporate world for training training their employees.
  2. Digital Literacy Program provides a 24X7 class room to the learner; he can learn from anywhere and any time as it is a web based application.

Scope for future and enhancements Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program project has a very vast scope in near future. This is a web based project it uses internet for being used by the learner. This project is written in Asp.Net C# and it can be modified easily for any custom requirement of organization or learner.
With the proposed software of Digital Literacy Program a web manager is now able to manage and run the entire learning process in a much better, accurate and error
free manner.

The following are the future scope for Digital Literacy Program

  • The number of modules that the project is handling can be made unlimited according to the need in future.
  • In future we can customize this application according to the need of any particular organization from its current generalized status.
  • Fast and accurate processing of data generated by the system as compared to the current system with high level of reliability.
  • Error free and accurate report generation according to the specified format with ease.
  • Automatic checking of MCQ answers given by the learner and calculating result status according to the predefined passing marks for tat examination.
  • Reducing workload of on staff and minimizing errors arising due to wrong manual calculations .


This project has a lot of scope for further enhancement. The Project (Digital Literacy Program) is generalized software and can be easily used in any online educational institute with little or no change. The Changes in software can be easily accommodated.

The scope of future application is therefore very high. Some of them are listed below:

  • With some minor change it can be applicable for any online educational institute
  • The system can be used by the educational institute to keep record of registered students, providing video tutorials , checking students progress via Online Examination and after providing certificate to all passed students.
  • This software has a flexibility to generate different types of reports.

Thus depending upon the future requirements the software can be upgraded

Download Digital Literacy System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameDigital Literacy Program
Project Code30
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 3500/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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