225 – Post office Management System Project in Asp

Post office management system project deals with daily office work of post office. The implementation of Post office application in postal department manages office work more efficiently and accurately. Online postal service application makes it easier to handle post details, money order, registered post and parcel booking. Customer can also track their post or parcel current status by entering tracking code.

Modules of post office management system project

Main modules of Post office management system project are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. Parcel booking
  3. Registered post
  4. Speed post
  5. Money order
  6. E-Card
  7. Inquiry
  8. Tracking tool
  9. City master
  10. View inquiry
  11. Update tracking detail
  12. Daily report

Abstract of Post office management system project

This postal service management project handles major task of post office. Administrator of the portal is the main user. When any user go to the website it is welcomed by the welcome message on home page.

Main functional components of “Post office management system project”

Parcel booking: All the parcel booking entry is done by this module. Here user enter weight of parcel and cost of sending along with the parcel sender and receiver’s name, address, city, state and similarly receivers name, address, city and state details. Each entry is given a unique parcel tracking code. Customer can track current status of their parcel by entering this code.

Registered post: Enter of all the registered post is done through this module. This module save weight and cost of sending registered post and name and address details of sender and receiver. Every entry is given a unique registered tracking code. User can track current status on their post any time.

Speed post: This module handles all the speed post of the post office. Here also all the details of sender and receiver is stored. Here also unique code is given to each entry for tracking current status.

Money order: As the name suggest all the money order entries are done here.

Update tracking status: This module is very important. All the parcel, registered post, speed post tracking details are updated from here by the admin.

Download Post Office Management System Synopsis

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Project NamePost Office Management System
Project Code225
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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