33 – Hostel Management System

Hostel management system is a desktop application for managing hostel records. Hostel management system helps hostel admin in managing records of the hostel in an efficient manner. This project manage records of the students, hostel rooms and other things related to the hostel.

The manual way of hostel record management it is very difficult to find the record of all students their mess bills and the information of about old students who had left the hostel many years before.

Checkout: DFD for Hostel Management System

Introduction to Hostel Management System

We design Hostel management system to facilitate the hostel admin in the hostel management. Hostel management project is a very user friendly software that is why they do not require specially trained person to handle the software.

Hostel management project can automatically calculates all the bills and gives proper notifications wherever it is required.

Modules of the Hostel management system

Create New Hostel
Room Master
School Master
Department Master
Course Master
Student Registration
Student Record
Room Allocation

Project Abstract of Hostel Management System

‘Hostel management system’ provides a detailed view of how the students records, room allocation and courses. The hostel management system also equipped with some special features for helping hostel admin.

Each record in the system has unique identity and it can be searched by an unique id. For developing front end of the Hostel management system Visual Basic 6.0 has been used and MS Access has been used  for its back-end.

Use of this project in the hostel reduce the paper work in the hostel and also improves to the students of the hostel and admin.

Hardware Requirements of ‘Hostel Management System’ :

Processor: P4 at least 150 MHz
Primary Memory (RAM) : Minimum 1GB
Secondary Memory Space : 40 GB of hard disk

Software Requirements of ‘Hostel Management System’ :

•    Visual Basic 6.0
•    MS Access

Scope of Hostel Management System

The proposed project Hostel management project is a computerized system. The use of this project in the hostel can reduce all the problems discussed above in the current manual hostel management system.

The main objective of developing hostel management system is to save money and time. The proposed system generates following reports to help management of the hostel in decision making:

  • Allocated Room report
  • Unallocated Room Report
  • Partially allocated room
  • Student List (department wise)
  • All student report


Hostel Management is a user-friendly and Customization software for student Hostel. Hostel management system has been developed to manage and automate the over-all processing of any large student hostel.

Hostel management system project is capable of managing hostel rooms, student records and room allocation process etc. Hostel Management System is a user-friendly and customize software for providing support for hostel admin.

This project is a very flexible software and it can be upgraded according to the individual hostel needs.

Download Hostel Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameHostel Management System
Project Code33
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB6.0, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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