250 – Online Insurance Agency Software Project

Insurance agency software is a web project which provides insurance service to the customer. Insurance management system maintains all the records related to the insurance products. This project is pilot project for small insurance agency to manage back office and administration. The main objective is to automate the existing system of manually maintaining the records of agent, policy, branch, customer and premium payment record.

Modules of insurance agency management system

Main modules of this project are as follows:

  1. Login
  2. Edit user
  3. State master
  4. City master
  5. Agent master
  6. Branch master
  7. Policy master
  8. Customer master
  9. Customer health history
  10. Monthly premium payment
  11. Enquiry
  12. Agent report
  13. Branch report
  14. Premium report
  15. Policy report
  16. Enquiry report
  17. User management

Objective of insurance agency software

This insurance business if growing very fast. The use of manual ways of handling insurance management has been a problem for insurance agencies. Therefore this online insurance agency management system has been developed. The main objective of this project is to maintain records of agents, policy holders, premium payment etc. There are many type of insurance such as car insurance, property insurance, personal insurance, life insurance and many more. It can maintain record of all these type of insurance. Insurance premium calculation is based on the rate of interest set by the insurance policy. Monthly premium installment is calculated through EMI calculator.

Features of insurance agency software

  • This is web project. It can be accessed over internet from anywhere.
  • It can manage agent, policy, policy holders and premium calculation.
  • EMI calculator is given for EMI calculation.
  • Admin can keep track of premium payment.
  • Customer report tell about all the policy holders.

Download Insurance Agency project Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Insurance Agency project
Project Code 250
Project Type Website
Technology Asp.Net(VB), Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 2500/-
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