202 – Hotel Reservation System Project

Hotel reservation system project will help you to manage hotel records. This is a VB.Net project that works as computerized system for distributing and storing information of hotel booking. In this project we can do general hotel record handling related task.

Introduction to Hotel Reservation System Project

Hotel reservation system project is developed for smooth running and management of any hotel. After close analysis of data collected from several hotels we start designing this project. This is a desktop based project written in VB.Net and for back end we have used SQL server. SQL server is known for its great security features. Thus it protects hotel data from unauthorized access. Hotel reservation system project will definitely help hotel management to run their business smoothly.

Objectives of Hotel Reservation System Project

The ‘Hotel reservation system project’ will help to the hotel staff and management. The main purpose of developing this project is not only to provide a way to automate all the functionality of hotel reservation and management but also providing complete reports to the top management. These reports can be helpful for the management in decision making. This project can store all the booking details of the hotel, record of all the available and booked rooms, customer record such as check in date, room service and checkout details.

List of modules

  1. Login
  2. Customer information
  3. Set Room Price
  4. Room Information
  5. Room Booking
  6. Check in
  7. Check out
  8. Search Booking
  9. Search Check in
  10. Room Booking Report
  11. Check In Report
  12. Check Out Report

Features of Hotel reservation system project

  • Hotel reservation system project stores details of all the hotel room, booked or available. Hotel admin can set the price of rooms according to their choice.
  • This project also stores record of all the customers coming to the hotel for booking. As customer arrives, the hotel staffs assigns him/her appropriate room and place a Hotel Check In entry.
  • When the customer finally leaves the hotel the Checkout entry is done.
  • Admin can see the several reports like Check In report, Check Out report and Room Booking report. All the reports provide accurate current status of the hotel.

Scope of Hotel reservation system project

In future the “Hotel reservation system project” can be enhanced according to the management’s need. In future this project can be used for hotels providing both fooding facility and lodging facility. In that case this project can be enhanced for keeping record of food items. It simple words we can say that then this project will work as Hotel reservation system project as well as Restaurant management system.

Download Hotel Reservation System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameHotel Reservation System
Project Code202
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.Net, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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