Hotel Management System

Hotel Management System project can be used to maintain hotel reservation process whenever any customer book rooms, check in or check out. Function of the project Hotel room booking project are as follows:

This is a desktop application is menu driven. Hotel Management System project maintains record of customers, room booking, hotel check in , check out etc. This project reduces work load on hotel staff and help in running hotel management related works.

Hotel Management System project provides all features of security. Detail of any particular record can be searched easily by providing its id or name. New records can be easily added in the database, existing record can be easily modified later on too. If any record is found useless it can be deleted easily by the authorized user of the system. So in short we can say that ‘Hotel management system’ is a very efficient project , which helps in daily basis work of hotel management process. Reduces work load on employees , provide data security. Only permitted users can view,modify or delete its data, no other person can access hotel database.

Features of Hotel Management System project:

  • ‘Hotel Management System’ keeps record of customer. New customer’s details can be easily stored .
  • Advance room booking can be done in through Hotel Management System. Customer can book their rooms in advance.
  • When customer comes to the hotel check in entry is done. All status of booking is shown , user have to just select that record
  • When customer leaves hotel check out entry is done.
  • If Hotel Management System provides a very strong security feature. All menus are password protected, no unauthorized access is possible in the system.
  • Whole project is menu driven we can get all features of a window based system.
  • More than one used can be created for different staff member.

Introduction to Hotel Management System Project

Using Hotel Management project the user can manage daily hotel management working. Hotel Management System project allow its users to insert, update, delete and  search records. Only authorized users of the system have permission to access the database.

Objective of Hotel Management System Project

The objective of Hotel Management project is to replace manual working pattern of hotel management with computerized system. A customer can book room in advance with an advance date of check in. When customer come to the hotel his booking status is changed to check in and similarly when he leaves hotel his status is again changed to check out. Customer information remain in the history for further use and this is used when the same customer again come to the hotel. User just search his record and use accordingly , it saves time and make working faster. All required MIS based reports can also be found in Hotel management system project.

Download Hotel Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameHotel Management System
Project Code02
Project TypeDesktop
Technology VB.Net ,Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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