Library Management System project

Library Management System project is a computer based system. It reduce human made errors and to increase the efficiency. The main objective of this library management system project is to reduce human efforts and time. The maintenance of the records is made easy and all the records are stored in the Sql database which can be retrieved easily afterwords. Suitable navigation control is given in all the forms to navigate through the records in this project.

Modules of library management system project

01 – User Module
02 – Book Master
03 – Subject Master
04 – Publisher Master
05 – Qualification Master
06 – Member Master
07 – Renew Member
08 – Book Issue/Receive
09 – Book Searching
10 – Reports

Abstract of library management system project

Introduction to library management system project

This Library Management System project is generalized software for student and can be easily used in any college with little or no change. The Changes in this project can be easily accommodated. The addition and deletion of the modules in this vb project can be easily adjusted

Existing system of library management system

If the number of records are very large then user has to simply type in the search string and he will gets the results immediately. The editing is also made simpler. The user has to just type in the required field and press the update button to update the required field. The Books and members are given a unique id no. So that they can be accessed without any error. Our main objective of this project is to get the correct data about a particular student and books available in the library.

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Windows 98/ME/NT/xp/2000NT etc.

Hardware requirements

Processor : Any processor of Pentium series with at least 150 MHz of processing speed
Primary MEMORY (RAM) : At least 128 MB RAM is required.
Secondary Memory Space : At least 2 GB of hard disk storage space is required.

Software requirements

Visual Basic 6.0
Sql Server


Project Name Library Management System Project System
Project Code 06
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB 6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1500/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only


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