205 – Online Examination System

Online examination system is the lifeline for any educational organization. This application is very efficient for handling student exam and preparing result. Any education institute can adopt this application with little or no change.

Introduction to Online examination system

The IT initiative has encouraged various fields including educational institute. Online examination system includes various subjects and courses for conducting student’s examination. Use of Online examination project saves time and effort. Any institute can conduct exam very quickly with very less effort. Online exam system is a better alternative for organization seeking to replace their manual process for better and quick results with less effort.

Modules of Online examination system project

Main modules of this project are as follows:

  1. Login module
  2. City master
  3. State master
  4. Subject master
  5. Class master
  6. New student module
  7. Question master
  8. Edit questions
  9. New paper setup module
  10. Exam module
  11. Generate certificate
  12. Reports

Features of Online examination system

  • This is a computer based examination system so very less possibility of human errors. In Online examination project admin has rights to create, edit and delete classes, subjects, questions and setup new papers for the examination.
  • This system uses SQL Server as database so it provide a secure access to the authorized person and keep unauthorized person away form the exam database.
  • Students are given separate ID and password. Students can login through it and attempt their online exam. After examination students can also take print out of certificate.
  • ‘Online examination project’ saves time as it allows many students to give the examination at a time and after examination students can get their marks and certificates without waiting.
  • This is a desktop based project so no need of internet. This system can run on LAN within any institute.

Limitation of Online examination system

  • This system has been designed to meet general requirements of online exam process so it too has some limitation. These limitations can be enhanced in future updates. Some limitations of the Online examination system project are as follows.
  • Online examination supports only multiple choice questions and no other format of questions like true false or theory type questions. So this system can not work for theoretical type questions. This will do injustice to the users who are sometime aware of the concept but not sure about the exact answer. This feature can be added in the system with little changes.
  • Online examination system does not support for adding image with the question. So questions containing diagrams can not be saved in this system.

Download Online Examination Management System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Project NameOnline Examination System
Project Code205
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.6.0, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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