213 – Online exam project in C# ASP.Net

Online exam project in C# which is developed in ASP.net C# language. This project can be used by any college, institute to conduct online examination for the institute. Admin has right to check the answers and generate certificates.

Modules of Online exam project in C#

Following are the main modules of this project:

  1. User login
  2. Change password
  3. Subject form
  4. Class form
  5. Question form
  6. Student form
  7. Examination master
  8. Online exam form
  9. Student entry
  10. Student inquiry
  11. View inquiry
  12. Exam certificate

Introduction to Online exam project

Online exam project in C# is a web based project. This project can be used for conducting online examination of large number of student. In this C# project we can specify subject for the examination and time for the examination within that period student has to answer questions. Admin can set these criteria for the examination. After that student can register themselves on the Online exam project portal and select their examination subject. When they click on the start button the online test get started and time counted from this time. There are navigation buttons like start, previous, next and submit exam or finish. The graphical user interface (GUI) of the project is kept quite simple and easy to understand.

Objectives of Online exam project

The proposed system has following objectives

  • It saves time, energy and makes process smooth and faster
  • This is a computer based system so it provide paper less working and lessens the teacher’s and student’s frustration.
  • Online exam project in C# provides best facility for the students to answer any question with a single click.
  • As it provides paper less working system so it also saves money and provide an effective way for conducting examination.

Limitations of Online exam project in Asp.Net

  • User should have some previous knowledge of working in windows environment
  • Negative marking cannot be applied in the examination by using this system

Future scope of Online exam project

This is an online project so it has very good future scope. Every type of exam can be conducting by using this system. This system can also be used by the recruitment companies for conduction their job examination too. Any number of subject and related questions can be added in its database.

Download Online Examination System Synopsis

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Project NameOnline Examination System Project Asp.net
Project Code213
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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