12 – Library Management System

Library management system process made computerized to increase the efficiency and reduce human errors. The main purpose of this desktop project is to lessen human efforts and errors. The maintenance of the records can be done in efficient way. All the records are stored in the Sql database, and data can be retrieved easily. The necessary navigation controls are provided in all the forms for easy navigation through the large records. If the records are very big then user has to just type in the search string in appropriate place and he gets the results immediately.

The editing is also made simpler. For editing any record user has to just type in the required place or field and press the update button for updating the desired field. Every book and member in the system has given a unique id no so that each record can be accessed correctly and without any error. The main objective of library management system project is to collect the correct information about a particular book, student and books available in the library.

Modules of Library Management System

01-User Login
02-Book Module
03-Publiher Module
04-Author Module
05-Member Module
06-Book Issue & Receive Module
07-Report Module

Project abstract

Introduction to Library Management System project

The project library management system is dedicated to the general requirements of the library system.  Manually handling of large records is difficult and not always enjoyable task. Computers are able to do all kinds of tasks at amazing speed than done manually. All the energies and efforts are hence focused on not just speeding up the management capabilities ,but also on reducing their load in an effort for provide desired and accurate information. Therefore, come forth an idea for developing a library management system project on the common requirements of library system.

Objective of Library Management System

The system library management system going to be designed must fulfill the following needs of the library system

  • Facility to store the information of new book, member, author, publisher, city,state etc.
  • Facility to keep record of the users of the system.
  • Facility to change user’s password or delete an exiting user’s account.
  • Facility to set different access rights for different users.
  • Facility to backup the database
  • Facility to generate different reports, which are helpful for the management in decision making.

Project Category

This project library management system can be placed under the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) category as it is to provide each end every detail regarding the Library system

Module Description of library management system


The output managing modules are:

  • User list
  • Permission to library master module and book transaction module


The output of this module is:

  • Book detail & status to book transaction module
  • Book detail to member management module


The outputs of this module are:

  • Member record to book transaction module
  • Member to report preparation module


The outputs of this module are

  • Book issue
  • Book report


The outputs of this module are

  • Book status report
  • Member report


Project NameLibrary Management System
Project Code12
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB6.0,Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1600/-
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