32 – Human Resource Management System

Human resource management system is a process of controlling and managing activities of all employee in analyzing their skills and assigning work according to their ability. Human resource management system project helps us in decision making for assigning next project to the employee or provide training to enhance his skills. The Human resource management system is an efficient vb.net based project that allow companies to manage their available human resource more efficiently. The HR management Center is a central database that includes a complete employee’s personal information, their work assigned to them and more for each employee. Human resource management system also has role –based access level to control its functionally according to the user role.

Modules of Human Resource Management System project

Login form
Course Master
Skill Master
Employee Training Master
Branch Master
Employee Resume Entry
Employee Education Entry
Employee Experience Entry
Job Opening
Resume Matching
Interview Detail
Issue Interview Letter
Employee Training
Employee Test
Fee Payment

Limitation of existing Human Resource Management System

The existing system of managing human resource only provides text-based user interface, which is not as user-friendly as compared to the Graphical user Interface. The existing system is implemented in Manual way, therefore the response time is very slow. All the transactions are executed in off-line mode, so the on-line data capture and modification is not possible in the current manual system.
The HR manager can not be generated online reports due to batch mode execution. Some more drawbacks of the existing manual “Human resource management system” are as follows :

  • It used to take much time to find any employee.
  • Danger of losing the files in some cases.
  • Need of extra manual effort.
  • Not very much accurate.

Objective of Human Resource Management System:

Then primary objective of the Human resource management system project is to record the details various activities of each employee in the organization. Use of ‘Human resource management system’ project encourage employees to reduce the paper work. In the implementation phase each user will be given appropriate training according to their specific needs and skills. Specific support will also be provided to employee; if required. Training will be provided from time to time when needed.

Proposed Human resource management project

Human resource management is an important function of any organization it helps in assigning right project to the appropriate skillful hands. The HR manager should report with required skills needed for the project assignment. Analysis of each employee’s skills is primary goal of the proposed project. HR Management System is the perfect project to be adopted by any organization for managing its Human Resource . HR Management system also provides all employee personal record along with his Skills, Educational, Certification and Projects handled details. Proposed project facilitate the HR Manager to add new employee, view and update existing employees’ details and generate meaningful reports for better human resource management in the organization.

Advantage of the proposed Human resource management system:

  • Doesn’t require any extra hardware device.
  • Just need a little knowledge to operate the system.
  • No need of any extra manual effort.
  • Very fast and accurate.
  • No fever of data loss.
  • At last very easy to find the employees

Download Human Resource Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project NameHuman Resource Management System
Project Code32
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.Net, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2500/-
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