46 – Text Retrieval System VB Net Project

Text Retrieval System is useful for finding any given keyword in any text file. It also tell the number of repletion of that keyword in the entire text file. This text finding vb.net project is very useful for technical writers. It will make their work easy and fast. Now they can write keyword focused articles.

Modules of Text Retrieval System

Main modules of Text Retrieval System are as follows:

  • Browse text file
  • Find keyword

Introduction & objective of Text Retrieval System

This is a desktop project. It is implemented in vb.net technology. This project runs on standalone system and also in networking. Text Retrieval System is a great tool for writers to find the number of repletion of any keyword in the entire article with a single click. This application will highlight the keyword everywhere in the text box with different background color. This application will save time of the technical writer. Now they can write more SEO optimized articles. It will also help them to locate places of keyword in the article.

Features of the Text Retrieval System

  • This is a desktop application. It can run on local system or in networking also.
  • It takes very less space in the hard disk.
  • This application uses the latest vb.net technology so it can run on higher versions of windows.
  • Process of searching keyword is very simple.
  • There is a browse button to select and open text file of article. Then keyword is entered in the textbox after that find button is clicked. It highlights the matched keyword in the entire article.


Project NameText Retrival System
Project Code46
Project TypeDesktop
Project CostRs.(INR). 1000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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