244 – Supermarket Management System .NET Project

Supermarket Management System .NET Project deals with automation of supermarket. This application will help supermarket staff in fast billing and managing details of various products sold by the supermarket. This application will help sales staff in a highly effective and efficient way. The Supermarket Management billing system .NET Project is developed with the objective of making reliable, fast and easier system.

Modules of Supermarket Management System .NET Project

Main modules of Supermarket Management project .NET Project are as follows:

  1. Login
  2. Product master
  3. Customer master
  4. Employee master
  5. New bill
  6. Available product report
  7. Sold product report
  8. Product report

Introduction to Supermarket Management billing System Project

The Supermarket Management System .NET Project is based on sales transaction of items in a supermarket. The first activity is adding product details and price with current available stock. Admin can add or update details of any product any time. As customer buy the products and comes to the billing counter the sales staff enter the name of items he purchased and enter quantity of item that he wants to purchase. System will display all name which starts with the letter name selected by the sales person. Now he can select product name from display list. Calculation of final amount to be paid will be calculated automatically after entering the quantity of product.

Key features of Supermarket Management System .NET Project

  • This is a computerized supermarket billing project. It is fast, reliable and efficient.
  • It is desktop project run on standalone system.  It can also run over the LAN and run on different systems with centralized database.
  • All calculation in the billing process is done automatically.
  • Admin can view report of daily sale report.
  • They can also see product having low stock.

Download Supermarket Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Supermarket Management System
Project Code 244
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB.Net, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 2000/-
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