Sales Information System


Sales information system project is one of the best point of sales force inventory management information systems . This  project is to computerize the manual process of sales management. In this project general modules has been taken into consideration and a sincere efforts has been done to analyze the working of Sales Information System. The aim of this vb project is to provide a user friendly environment to users for a computerization operation of sales and purchase.

Main features of the sales information system are as follows

  • This project is completely menu driven.
  • This vb project has facility of storing and maintaining records of dealers, customer.
  • It also manage some detail of inventory management such as item stock,item details, purchase etc.
  • Report of any individual can be searched by supplying its id.

Modules of sales information system

Main modules of this project are as follows:

01 – User Module
02 – Item Master
03 – Unit Master
04 – State Master
05 – City Master
06 – Customer Master
07 – Sales Order
08 – Dealer Master
09 – Purchase Order
10 – Reports

Project abstract

Introduction to sales management system

The project (Sales Management System) is developed to computerize the manual process of sales management. In this project common modules are taken into consideration and a sincere efforts has been performed to analyze its working Sales Information System.

Objectives of sale management system

The system going to be designed must fulfill the following needs of the Sales Management:

  • Register new customer, dealer and item. Perform necessary operation like Modify or delete the information of the items and customers, dealer.
  • The software must be user-friendly .
  • The system should generate various of reports like company report, dealer report, customer report, system user report, and purchase order report, item report etc.
  • Reduce paper work in the office, Reduced manpower

Operational feasibility

User can easily understand the graphical user interface of the project and controls. User can work with different shortcut Keys of the Keyboard. Direct command buttons are provided for the  most commonly performed tasks for user friendly environment. There is sufficient support for the project from users. It will work on any Windows platform without producing any error and problem. The users will be very much exited about new system and without any threat in their mind .

Technical feasibility

This vb project is technical feasible, because of it requires low cost system requirements and hardware independence. This project can also run on any Version of Windows like Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP. It can run on any machine that is having minimum system requirements for Visual Basic run time libraries.Sales Information System is completely written in Visual Basic 6.0 Sql serve as back-end tool for data storage.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Pentium (III/IV) .
At least 128 MB of Ram.
CD drive (Required for Installation).
Disk Space – 5  MB

Minimum Software Requirements:

Any Version of Microsoft Windows (higher than 95).

Visual Basic 6.0
SQL Server

Economic feasibility

This vb project is economic feasible therefore it is cost effective and can be run easily on any computer, therefore economically feasible. The management of organization is ready for purchasing the hardware and software needed to implement the computerized system and they think that this investment of money is going to be very much beneficial in long run.

Download Sales Information System vb6.0 System Synopsis

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Project Name Sales Information System
Project Code 04
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB 6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1000/-
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