222 – Online Bookshop Management System Project

Online bookshop management system project is written in asp.net (C#) and SQL server. Online bookstore project acts as a central database containing details of various books, authors, publishers and customers.

Online book store management project is a web site that acts as an online store for selling book. A user visiting online bookshop system can see a wide range of books available on various categories.

User can see complete details about the book like author name, publisher, and price of the book. Users can also search for specific books on the website.

Modules of Online Bookshop Management System

Main modules of Online bookshop project are as follows:

  1. User login
  2. Forgot password
  3. Edit password
  4. New customer registration
  5. Search book
  6. Book order
  7. Payment
  8. My orders history
  9. Track my order
  10. Enquiry
  11. Category master
  12. Book master
  13. Author master
  14. View enquiry
  15. Update order details
  16. Email setup

Introduction to Online Bookshop Management System

The Online bookshop management system is to automate all the operations of a bookshop. Normally it includes book details and books shopping order processing. Before developing this project we discuss various book shop keepers and their staff.

After detailed discussion with respective person we get to know what are the main drawback of the existing system that requires improvement, then we started working on the Online bookshop management system project.

Here we have tried to develop an online system which provides the automation on any type of bookshop. That means any book store with general book order processing system can easily adopt this system without any change.

Advantage of Online Bookshop System

  • ‘Online bookshop management system’ is a web based project so customers can buy their desired book online without going to bookstore.
  • This system is fast and accurate; it saves both time and traveling cost of customer.
  • For database SQL server has been used so very less chances of any loss of data due to unauthorized access.
  • Users can search their desired books and can get to know even more books on the same category.

Download Online Bookshop System Synopsis

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Project NameOnline Bookshop Management System Project
Project Code222
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 3000/-
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