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Office Automation System is a first step towards the computerized working in the various offices. As we have seen in last few years that the number of departments have increased the use of computers in the office. It becomes obvious that large  offices would have to face a large number of problems involving data maintenance, human resource management,  storage and mining, with the increase in number of employees, departments, job details , vendors information , purchase orders etc.

Modules of office automation system

01 – User Module
02 – Department Master
03 – Designation Master
04 – Qualification Master
05 – State Master
06 – City Master
07 – Employee Master
08 – Qualification Master
09 – Salary Form
10 – I-Card
11 – Attendance Form
12 – Job Allocation
13 – Salary Form
14 – Item Mater
15 – Vendor Master
16 – Reports

Project abstract

Introduction to office automation system

The computer has changed the way we work, learn and communicate. Today every kind of organization in the world conducts its business, acquire knowledge and find the solutions of the problems through the computers. Computerized systems are now at the heart of our daily activities. These are very helpful in major considerations in decision-making process .

Objective of office management system

The objectives of the system are to provide a office automation tool to all the people concerned with office. From the management point of view works can be done fast and more accurately as compared to existing manual system. The system also provides the efficient handling of any kind of query related to existing records of office.

Project category

The proposed project Office Automation System can be placed under the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) category as it is to provide each end every detail regarding the Office and office staff such as employee personal and academic information, their salary information, attendance and job allocation details. It also maintains some information of inventory management such as item details, item stock, vendor information, purchase details etc. This software is mainly based on database handling so it cannot be placed in any other category. Thus, by keeping all these points in view, we have placed it in a category called RDBMS.

Limitation of the office automation project

Software Limitations:

The proposed project Office Automation System can run on only windows version of the operating system because the MS Visual Basic 6.0 requires only Windows versions of operating systems manufactured by Microsoft.

Hardware Limitations:

This project requires Sql Server  as back end. Therefore the hardware needed to run a database costs a little bit more than a normal desktop PC. However, the falling prices have already made them an easy buy.  So the choice of hardware becomes a bit tricky.
The application software been developed is not optimized to work on any Network Operating System (NOS). The software is optimized for stand alone application only.The search option under ‘Report’ has a fixed criterion for searching the required fields.

Future scope of office automation system

The Project “Office Automation System” is generalized software and can be easily used in any office with little or no change. The addition and deletion of the modules in software can be easily adjusted. The software can be enhanced up to any legal extent depending upon user’s requirement. The Changes in software can be easily accommodated. It will be able to serve the organization even if it increases or modify its services.

Download Office Automation System vb6.0 Synopsis

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Project NameOffice Automation System
Project Code07
Project TypeDesktop
Technology VB6.0 ,Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 1500/-
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