Interview questions on Software Testing – VOL-I

Q.1  Explain test comparators.

Ans: The importance of testing is to check whether the new software is giving the correct result or not, and for doing so, we should compare the output of software with what it should produce. A test comparator helps in automating this aspects of that comparison.


Q.2  Explain Boundary value testing.

Ans:  Testing all boundary conditions on,below and  above the edges of output and input equivalence classes.

Q.3  Explain Alpha testing.

Ans:  It is performed at developer’s site. It is a per-release testing by end user representatives.

Q.4  Explain risk-based testing.

Ans: The objective of the approach is a risk analysis and prioritizing of possible risks by risk level.It is used for an approach for creating a testing plan which is based on prioritizing tests by risk.

Q.5  Give some MOST important advantage of independence in testing?

Ans:  An independent tester can be more effective in finding defects missed by the person who has written the software.

Q.6  In which sequence should tests be run?

Ans:  Most important tests should be first

Q.7  Explain test coverage.

Ans: Test coverage measures the amount of testing done by a set of tests in a specific way. Wherever we can tell whether or not each of those things has been tested by some test or can count things, then we can measure coverage.

Q.8  What is maintenance testing?

Ans:  Triggered by modifications, migration or retirement of existing software.

Q.9  What is the difference between re-testing and regression testing?

Ans:  Re-testing ensures the original fault has been removed; regression testing looks for unexpected side-effects.

Q.10  What is the purpose of test design technique?

Ans:  Identifying test conditions and Identifying test cases

Q.11  Why can be tester dependent on configuration management?

Ans:  Because configuration management assures that we know the exact version of the test ware and the test object.

Q.12  What is the difference between use case, test case, test plan?

Ans: Use Case: These are steps given by the customer. Use Case is prepared by Business analyst in the Functional Requirement Specification(FRS).
Test cases: It is used to check the functionality of an application thoroughly. Test case is prepared by test engineer on the basis of use cases from FRS.
Test Plan: Test plan is prepared by team leader. In test plan he describe what to test and what not to test, what to test using automation, the scope of the test,  scheduling etc.


Q.13  What do you mean by reproducing the bug?  What will be the next step, If the bug was not reproducible?

Ans: If you find any defect, for example when we click the button and the required action didn’t happen, then it is a bug. If the developer is unable to find out this he will ask us to reproduce the bug. In a different scenario, if the client complaints about a defect in production then we will have to reproduce it in test environment. If bug was not reproducible by developer, then this bug is assigned back to the reporter or informal meeting is arranged for reproducing the same bug.

Q.14  What are the Experience-based testing techniques ?

Ans: In experience-based techniques, people’s skills, knowledge and background are prime contributor for the test cases and test conditions. The experience of both business and technical person is equally  important, because they bring different perspectives to the design process and test analysis. Because of previous experience with similar type of systems, they can have insights into what might go wrong, which is very useful for testing.

Q.15  . Explain how to launch test cases in Quality Center (Test Director) and where it is saved?

Ans:  We create the test case in the test plan tab and link these test cases to the requirements in the requirement tab. Once all the test cases are ready we can change the status to ready and go to the Test Lab Tab and create a test set and add these test cases with the test set and you can run from there. In test plan for automation, create a new automated test and launch tool and create script and save it and you can run from test lab in the same way as you did for the manual test case. The test cases are now sorted in the test plan tab or we can say in the test director, lets say quality centers database. These test director is referred to as quality center.

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