26 – Insurance Management System

Insurance Management System project performs different tasks such as record keeping of various departments, branches, plans, premium, development officer’s detail, agent detail, proposal detail, approval detail etc. Insurance Management System is very flexible software and can be used in any branch of Insurance company for keeping record. In this software we have also tried to provide all the Insurance Management System related record keeping facilities which helps to keep record and the employees who belongs to it. 

Insurance Management System is Menu-Driven c# project and embodies distinctive features like consistency of information, accuracy, conciseness, flexibility and security. The system is capable of storing the detailed information of new proposal, staff, policy, plan etc and it can also edit this information according to the user need.

‘Insurance Management System’ project also provides the effective handling of any query regarding existing records. The report module of Insurance Management System project provides the facility of generating the reports. With Security-Management, we can prevent the misuse or unauthorized access to system functions a Login ID and Password identify the User of the system.

Insurance Management System modules


  • Create User
  • Security Level


  • Department
  • Designation
  • Branch
  • Plan
  • Premium
  • Rebate
  • Doctor Fees
  • Standard Weight


  • Development Officer
  • Agent
  • Premium of Selected Plan
  • Employee

Proposal Data Store

  • Proposal Data
  • Nominee
  • Previous Insurance
  • Family History
  • Personal History
  • Female Proponent

Salary Saving

  • Salary Saving Master
  • Salary Saving Transaction

Policy Approval

  • Policy Detail
  • Payment Collection
  • Agent Commission
  • Due Policy

Insurance Management System overview

This project “Insurance Management System” can be placed under the (RDBMS) category, as it provide each end every detail regarding the policies, proposals, nominee of the Insurance.

In Insurance Management System project user on both side administrator as well as operator (employee) inputs various inputs. The first input fed by both is their name and password for login.
The administrator can create, modify and delete the user account (employee and agent) and branch account. He/she also can feed the information of new policy details. While operator can feed the information about policyholders and with their personal details. Nominee details, pre insurance details, family details, personal details and female proponent details are also feed by operator. In Insurance Management System project agent information is also maintained. It also has to feed details and maintain records of development officers.

Hardware Requirements of ‘Insurance Management System’ :

Processor: Pentium series ,at least 150 MHz
Primary Memory (RAM) : Minimum 512 MB
Secondary Memory Space : 20 GB of hard disk

Software Requirements of ‘Insurance Management System’ :

  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Oracle 9i
  • Crystal Report

This project has a lot of scope for further enhancement. The Project (Insurance system) is generalized software and can be easily used in any Insurance company branch with little or no change. The Changes in software can be easily accommodated. The Insurance management system can save time and money in managing the record. It makes the task easy and faster.

Future Scope of Insurance Management System

The future scope of Insurance Management System is therefore very high. Some of them are listed below:
With some minor change it can be applicable to for any Insurance company
The system can be used by the Insurance company to keep record of policy,insurance details, departments and various branches.
This software has a flexibility to generate different types of reports.

Thus depending upon the future requirements the Insurance Management can be upgraded accordingly.

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Project NameInsurance Management System
Project Code26
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB6.0, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2500/-
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