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Computer institute management system project idea come across in my mind when I went to “AITEC”. The record of every course, teachers, student are managed manually and there is no use of computer in the office. If anyone want to see student/ course/ teacher record than all the records will be fetched one by one. This process is very time consuming. So there was an extreme requirement of student management system project.

This basically a school management system project for managing all students record. This project also contains a library management system module.

Modules of Institute Management System project

01 – User Module
02 – Designation
03 – Center
04 – Course Master
05 – Student Master
06 – Inquiry
07 – Batch Allocation
08 – Employee Master
09 – Qualification
10 – Attendance
11 – Book/CD Master
12 – Book/CD Issue
13 – Search Book/CD
14 – Reports

Project Abstract Institute Management System VB – Project

Introduction of Institute Management System

The project “Institute Management System” is dedicated to the general requirements of the small Institutes. Manually handling of large records is tedious and not always enjoyable. Efforts and energies are hence focused at not just speeding up the management  capabilities ,but also on consciously reducing their load in an effort to provide accurate and depending information. Computers are able to do all kinds of tasks at amazing speed than done manually. Therefore, come forth the idea of developing a project on the general requirements of small Institutes.

Existing System of Institute Management System project

Searching and report generation was not possible in this system. When any student join institute all the information is stored into the registers manually. Record of fee payment is also maintained manually. The library is managed by writing the name of students and books into registers. When student want to return of reissue any book than all full record of student will be fetched which requires a lot of time. In this system data records are managed under file maintenance system, due to this system the placement of the record is not at one particular place.

Limitation of Computer Institute Management System


This software can run on only windows version of the operating system because the MS Visual Basic 6.0 requires only Windows versions of operating systems manufactured by Microsoft.

The main limitation of project lies in the fact that it requires oracle 9i as back end. The hardware needed to run a database   costs a little bit more than a normal desktop PC. However, the falling prices have already made them an easy buy.  So the choice of hardware becomes a bit tricky.
Works on a stand-alone machine only : The application software been developed is not optimized to work on any Network Operating System (NOS). The software is optimized for stand alone application only.
Fixed criterion for running the software : The search option under ‘Report’ has a fixed criterion for searching the required fields.

Front End Tool

Visual basic 6.0 (vb 6) has been chosen as front-end tool for developing the software because of its following important features:

One of the many significant is that VB provides support for easily creating the user interface to your application. This is accomplished wit0hin the VB Integrated Development Environment, in which a mouse is used to “draw” your application and keyboard for typing in the code that is to be executed . VB introduced the concept of an event-driven programming model. In the  BASIC you have to write the code to watch for the occurrence of the user events but VB performs that functions for you, and in fact, the only time code will execute in VB is a response to such and event.

Back End Tool

Sql Server is chosen as back end tool for the development of the project because of following powerful capabilities:

  • Retrieving information from the database
  • Managing data sharing
  • Optimizing queries
  • Updating the database
  • Accepting Query language statements

Download Project SYNOPSIS Free


Project Name Institute Management System
Project Code 08
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB 6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only


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