Airlines Reservation System – VB Project

Airline reservation system project is an attempt to help the user to minimizing paper workload and save time at the flight booking counter.

This airlines seat reservation system project is very user friendly. Any new person having a little knowledge of window based system can run this vb project without any pain. Almost all the problems of manual passenger reservation have been removed by this new central reservation system. Airline reservation system project report contains following modules.

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Modules of Airlines Reservation System Project

01 – User Module
02 – Destination Master
03 – Destination Master
04 – Flight Scheduling Form
05 – View Flight
06 – Ticket Reservation Form
07 – Payment Form
08 – Ticket Cancel Form
09 – Reports

Abstract of Airlines Reservation System Project

Introduction to Airline seat reservation system

The main objective of this vb project is to provide information about the best fares, book travel and give facility  of handling airline ticket reservation work efficiently. Customers can find details of flights from, flights to, search there flights, book tickets and cancel tickets. Detail operations are explained in airline reservation system ppt.

Existing Reservation System

In the current existing system of airlines management system there is the possibility of errors because all the work is done manually. These errors requires verification and checking of data relating to various operations which is done manually. It is very difficult for each person to come to the office sometimes It is also very difficult for the user to remember all the details that they received through phones. This process requires a lot of time and wastage of money and also it requires a lot of manpower too. One of the limitation of existing system is that it is not all personalized. This System cannot be used for personal and quick reference. Even the other staff members can do quick entries if the responsible person is not present.

Future scope of Flight Reservation System

This computerized system is developed with the aim to remove the drawbacks of existing manual system. The proposed system will have many advantages over the old system. The new vb project will be more personalized. It will be designed in such a manner that all the new users can use all the options in it very easily. It is made in a quick and easy referential manner. The advantages of the proposed airlines reservation system – vb project is that security is maintained in the new system. The whole system is designed in such a way that user can do entries in quick and easy way.

Technical feasibility of Airlines Reservation System

The proposed vb project is technically feasible. The main focus is given to the study of all available resources in an organization where the software is being implemented. A system analyst evaluates the technical merits of the system by considering factors like performance, Reliability, maintainability and productivity.
Before developing the system the availability of resources in the organization is also studied.

Economic feasibility of Airlines Reservation System

Economic feasibility is the most frequently used and important method for know the effectiveness of the proposed system. It is necessary because the main goal of the proposed airlines reservation system – vb project is to give economically better result and also increased efficiency. Cost benefit analysis can also be performed for this purpose. Cost benefit analysis is the comparative study of the cost verses benefit and savings that are expected from the proposed system. Since the organization is well equipped with the required hardware and software so the Airlines Reservation System was found to be economically.

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Project Name Airlines Reservation System
Project Code 03
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB 6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1100/-
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