44 – Retail Supermarket Billing System VB.Net Source Code

Retail Supermarket Billing System project deals with automation of supermarket billing process. This is a VB.Net desktop based project includes selling of products. Super market is the place where customer can purchase their daily using product and pay amount for that. Retail Supermarket Billing project is developed with an objective of making fast reliable, easy and more user friendly environment for customer billing and product management.

Modules of Retail Supermarket Billing System

  • Add Product Details
  • Add Customer Details
  • Add Employee Details
  • User Login Details
  • New Bill
  • Available Products
  • Sold Products
  • Available Product Report
  • Sold Product Report

Retail Supermarket Billing System Project Abstract

Introduction to Supermarket Billing System

In manual retail supermarket system there are many problems that exists such as lack of efficiency and making big calculations. Less efficiency has a great impact on the productivity of any human being keeping up to date. Retail Supermarket Billing System project is developed with an aim of making a efficient, fast and reliable system. Retail Supermarket Billing System project is a computerized system therefore it is very useful in managing large number of product records and making accurate large calculations. Different modules included in Retail Supermarket Billing System project employee module, product module and billing module. Each user has provided a unique id and password.

Objective of Retail Supermarket Billing System

The objective “Retail Supermarket Billing System” is to produce a new software which manages sales activity done in the supermarket, maintaining the stock details. By using this software the user will consume less time in calculation and the sales activity will be completed with very less time as compared to the manual system. Retail Supermarket Billing System data will be stored in the database and it can be accessed with valid login id and password. Because of ” Retail Supermarket Billing System” project paper work will be reduced and admin can focus on monitoring the supermarket.¬† Some more objective for developing this project are as follows:

  • The developed project will be user friendly.
  • ‘Supermarket Billing ‘ will reduce paper work in the supermarket store.
  • “Billing System” is computerized system therefore it can handle very large product records and prepare any report in desired format.
  • Retail Supermarket Billing System can automatically calculate lagre calculation while billing.
  • Retail Supermarket Billing System saves customer and system users time in billing queue.
  • Retail Supermarket Billing System improve user efficiency, now they can handle large number of customer.
  • Supermarket Billing Project reduce man power.

Scope of Supermarket Billing Project

This project has big scope to do, supermarket can:

  • Calculate the bill automatically.
  • Give report of how many products are sold at the end of day.
  • Store products and their price with other information.
  • Store store employee details.

Download Retail Supermarket Billing System Synopsis

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Project NameRetail Supermarket Billing System
Project Code44
Project TypeDesktop
TechnologyVB.Net, Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 2000/-
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