37 – Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net

Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net is a new approach to be in touch with friend and family all time. It provides a platform through which we can communicate our friends and far way family members share messages and pictures. We can also make new friends online and exchange thoughts.

Social Networking project in Asp.Net is becoming popular in the world. This Asp.Net project is essential for today’s busy life.

Modules of Social Networking Site Asp.Net project:

Forgot Password
New User Registration
My Profile
Edit Profile
Search Friends
My Friends
Send Message
Send Request
New Poll
View Friend Requests

Introduction to Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net :

Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net focuses on building social relations among people so that they may share thoughts. Most of the social networking sites are web based and provide facility to users to interact over the internet with instant messaging. “Social Networking Site Asp.Net project” is designed in such a way that a registered user can manage his profile and search new profiles and send them friend request and make online friends. Once friend request is accepted; then they can communicate, share text and pictures.
‘Social Networking Asp.Net project’ is a huge project providing various features to it’s registered users like profile updation, organizing friend list and sharing text messages & pictures. There are two essential modules of this project (I) Profile management (II) Friends organization.

Objectives of Social Networking Site Asp.Net project:

Then main objective on Social Networking Site Asp.Net project is to make your social life and that of your friends stimulating and more active. Social Networking Site Asp.Net project can help us to both maintain existing relationships and establish new relationships by reaching out new people you never met before. Social networking software is provided as an online resource so that it may be accessed by all users via internet.

Social Networking Asp project provides registered users to send text messages, pictures and data files to their online friends. System should also provide facility to its registered users to search new friends according to the certain criteria and send them friend request, similarly they can also accept friend request send by other users to them.
Profile management module provide facility to maintain the personal profile of the user like name, qualification, likes, dislikes, working status etc. Friends organization module is used to manage friend list, sending friend request to other users, accepting/reject friend requests view friends profile etc.

Features of Social Networking Site Asp.Net project:

  • Registered user of the “Networking Site Asp.Net project” can update their details such as contact, educational and interest etc.
  • After registering they can search other users registered on the site and send friend requests and can add them in friend list. Similarly they can accept others friend request send to them.
  • All registered users can upload pictures and message. Social networking site allows all registered users to exchange message and pictures with users in their friend list.
  • Social networking site not only provide common platform for different to communicate.
  • In Social networking site people from different communities can share their thoughts in this way it also helps to spread social awareness.

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Project NameSocial Networking Site Project
Project Code37
Project TypeWebsite
TechnologyAsp.Net(C#), Sql Server
Project CostRs.(INR). 4000/-
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