246 – VB.Net Project on Information Retrieval System

Information retrieval system is a .net project designed to search any specific phrase in the given text. This is a desktop application and it does not require internet connection to execute. It can also run on LAN. This project is also called text retrieval system. The proposed .Net project has all features from super user for controlling over all modules of the system.

Modules of information retrieval system

Main modules of ‘information retrieval project’

  1. Home
  2. Browse text file
  3. Enter keyword
  4. Find word

Introduction to information retrieval system

The project is very useful for those who want to search any specific phrase or word in any text file. It can also find long phrase in the entire text file. This project provides a simple interface for user operation. It can also be used by the authors, who want to find any word in the entire article. They can use this application for this purpose. Achieving this objective is not much difficult. Before developing this project we talked to such writers who write keyword focused articles. This project provides facility to highlight the word with different background color. It clear the position of all the word found in the article.

Objective and features of information retrieval system

  • Provide a tool to find any given word or phrase in any text file.
  • Provide simple user interface.
  • This system can also work in networking. Multiple users can access this application simultaneously.

Software requirements for information retrieval system

  • Microsoft Visual studio
  • Windows 7 or above operating system


Project Name Information Retrival System
Project Code 246
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB.Net, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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