245 – Online Event Management System Project VB6

Online event management system project saves  hours spend in planning for any event. This application makes event organizer task fast and easy. This improves his business. Now event organizer can handle more customers in the same time. Customers’ previous orders record remains stored in this application. It helps to recognize customers’ interest. Using this software efficiency of the staff is increased.

Modules of online event management system project

Main modules of ‘online event management system project’

  1. User login
  2. Enter menu
  3. Enter decoration detail
  4. Enter music detail
  5. Enter event detail
  6. Customer entry
  7. Place new order
  8. Search old orders
  9. Check availability
  10. Logout

Introduction to online event management system

Proposed online event management project is for people who provide professional services in managing any event or function. They can first login the application then add details about their services in detail under various menus like: decoration master, venue master, menu master, event menus master etc and price of each service. When new customer comes a new order is created and services are selected according to customer’s choice.

Scope of online event management system project

The scope of this project is limited to standalone system or networking. Multiple users can access this system in networking environment. Every user has its own user id and password. This project provide following facilities:

  • Facility to plan meeting, functions etc
  • New customer registration
  • Get idea about customers need according to his previous orders
  • Reducing paper working for calculation etc. All calculation work is done automatically by the system.

Download Online Event Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name Online Event Management System
Project Code 245
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB6.0, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 1000/-
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** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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