243 – .Net College Management System Project

.Net College Management System project can store student’s academic detail, attendance, subject, teacher details, fee and exam record. College Management System project is designed in .net programming language. Objective of .Net College Management System project is to provide complete solution for college management system for managing student, teacher and other necessary modules of college like subject, fee, exam etc.  This is a desktop project and also can run over the LAN.

Modules of .Net College Management System

Main modules of .Net College Management System are as follows:

  1. Login
  2. Subject master
  3. Class master
  4. Expense master
  5. Student master
  6. Student attendance
  7. Employee master
  8. Employee attendance
  9. Examination setup
  10. Exam details
  11. Student report
  12. Teacher report
  13. Student attendance report
  14. Teacher attendance report
  15. Fee report

Project abstract of .Net College Management System

This is a desktop project for managing all records of college. This application is developed in .net and for back end we have used SQL server. This is a computer based college management information system. This is very efficient, fast and reliable project for college management. This system will handle complete details of students. It can also be used for keeping record of student’s daily attendance. And prepare attendance report. Employee record can also be managed by this application. This system uses SQL server as database. So there is no worry about data security. Only valid users can access and add/updated data by providing their login id and password.

Scope of .Net College Management System

  • .Net College Management System is a generalized desktop application. Any college can adopt this project with little or no changes.
  • This application is written in.net so if any change is required in the application. It can be done easily.
  • This project will help admin to keep track of progress of any student of the college.

Download College Management System Synopsis

Download Synopsis


Project Name College Management System
Project Code 243
Project Type Desktop
Technology VB.Net, Sql Server
Project Cost Rs.(INR). 2000/-
To view Demo video of this project please leave a comment below with your email id. We will Email you the Demo Video of this project.

** PLEASE NOTE : These project are only for students purpose only

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